National Conference - 2007 Conference Presentations

Rankin, and Stinson - Pro-Active Stewardship

Earl, Larocque and McQuigge - Accountability and Measuring the Work we Do

Doble, Churchill, Davies and Sutherland - Engaging Students and Alumni Online

Engaging your Senior Administration in Fundraising (LaGrange, Govain, Schultz)

You can't be what you're not (Agnew and Pickard)

Educating Students in Becoming Alumni - (Noel-Bentley and Sollis)

E. Abaya - Awareness Campaign

Kathy Arney - How to Win the Fight for Funding

Tracey Bailey - Development Communications - What's the Big Deal?

Dr. Guy Berthiaume - University Leaders
Doug Brockway - 360º Happiness and Tool Kit

Shirley Carroll - The Net Generation

Paul Chesser - Current Issues in Annual Giving

Paul Douglas - Internet Trends in Insurance

David Finley - The Art of Transition

Naguib Gouda - The Power of Many

Liz Gormanand Judy Griffiths- Entertainment or Engagement and the survey results

Robert Johnson - Marketing Communications and New Technology:
Keys to Successful Engagement

Karen Kanigan - Have Education, Will Travel

Enna Kaplun - The Art of Transition

Leisha LeCouvie - Big Picture Powerpoint and Notes

Leisha LeCouvie - Growing your Travel Program - notes and powerpoint

Nancy Lynn - The Art of Transition- Partnerships in Affinity Marketing

Gillian Morrison - Philanthrophic Trends 2007

Sean Mullen - Emerging Trends in Affinity

Nicholas Offord - Benchmarking Accountibility

Dr. Robert A. Sevier - Building a Brand that Matters

Ken Steele - Which Applicants Become Engaged Alumni

Carole Stinson - Pro-Active Stewardship

Christine Tausig-Ford - Public perceptions and attitudes toward Canadian higher education

HilaryThomoson - Who Writes the research News Release?

Donna Varrica - Dawson College Powerpoint and Notes

Jim Warrington - Trends that re-define communications