2010 National Conference


2010 National Conference, Victoria, BC, June 5-8, 2010
Connect. Learn. Solve.


Inspiring, invigorating, engaging and entertaining. These are the hallmarks of a great professional development experience, and your CCAE 2010 conference committee is working hard to ensure that the sessions offered are worthwhile investments of your time, energy and resources.

The 2010 National Conference program includes numerous opportunities to learn from your peers and share your own experiences. Each day of the three-day conference will offer four sessions comprising six concurrent presentations, for a total of 24 individual sessions. Some sessions will be targeted to specific areas of advancement, while others will have an interdisciplinary, integrated approach.

The afternoon of Sunday, June 6th will be devoted to networking sessions where you will be able to engage in informal and intimate conversations on a variety of topics, sure to interest all CCAE members. All participants will have the opportunity to take part in four roundtable discussions.

The final plenary session of the 2010 conference, scheduled for Tuesday, June 8th from 10:45 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., will be a panel review of selected case studies reflecting the conference theme of Connect. Learn. Solve. Look for a call for case submissions in April. This will be your opportunity to have a panel of advancement experts review a situation you face in your own shop, and offer targeted advice.

As part of a stimulating program designed to provide conference-goers with valuable insights and shared experiences, we have landed dynamic speakers who will add extra layers of meaning to our theme: Connect. Learn. Solve.

Two plenary speakers will bring expertise and depth to networking and motivational issues, while we present for the first time a “Keynote Conversation” that will address topics of broad interest to all participants.