Friend of Education - 2012

The Friend of Education Award, supported by The Offord Group, recognizes outstanding service or commitment to post-secondary or independent school education by a volunteer, organization, foundation, corporation or publication. The recipient will have made a significant contribution in a leadership role to the cause of institutional advancement or education in Canada. This award is made possible by The Offord Group.


The Offord Group



Jean R. Lachance Jean R. Lachance, c.i.b. f.i.i.c.

Jean Lachance has been the champion of CCAE’s TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellowship program in all 14 years since its inception. Through his close affinity with advancement professionals, strong affiliation with CCAE member schools and his deep dedication and leadership, Mr. Lachance has made a major contribution to the cause of education advancement across Canada.


A Chartered Insurance Broker and a Fellow of the Insurance Institute of Canada, Jean Lachance was, until his recent retirement, the Chairman, Affinity Market Group of TD Insurance Meloche Monnex. He was with the company for 36 years.


In 1985, Jean Lachance initiated the expansion of TDIMM’s home and automobile insurance programs outside of Quebec with professional and university alumni associations. Today, 85 university and college associations sponsor these programs for their members. Jean managed teams and relationships with affinity partners on a national scale, as well as business development with professional associations, university alumni, and employer groups. The company’s overall portfolio in this segment has reached $1.6 billion of written premiums.


Jean Lachance and members of his team have established numerous scholarships, endowment funds, and fellowships with individual universities and colleges, and with CCAE. Over the years, TDIMM has also supported many homecomings, gala events, conferences, and fundraising campaigns.


“Under Jean’s leadership, scores of alumni and student associations across the country have flourished, thanks to assistance with activities and programs, and through contributions to fundraisers and development projects by TD Insurance Meloche Monnex,” noted Jean’s nominator, Honora Shaughnessy of McGill University. “Jean has been instrumental in working with CCAE to see that the TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellowships program has evolved and grown. Jean Lachance is one of the greatest friends of education that I have ever encountered.”


Said Mary Williams, Vice-President, University Advancement at McMaster University: “TDIMM is clearly the leading affinity partner in the country, responsible for building strong relationships between alumni and their schools, and generating tens of millions of dollars for education in Canada. That, along with the TDIMM Fellowships, constitutes Jean’s legacy.”