Outstanding Achievement Award 2014

The Outstanding Achievement Award, supported by Manulife Financial, recognizes a current or recent CCAE member who has made extraordinary contributions to the field of educational advancement over a number of years. The recipient is recognized both for exemplifying the highest ideals of the advancement profession and for dedicated mentoring of others in the field. This award is made possible by Manulife Financial.




2014 CCAE Outstanding Achievement Award

George N. Hood

The reputation of George N. Hood among Canadian advancement leaders and university Presidents  evinces him as a most worthy recipient of CCAE’s 2014 Outstanding Achievement Award, supported by Manulife Financial. CCAE received accolades about George, his character, and his accomplishments from many supporters with whom he has worked at both Queen’s and at Carleton Universities.

George N. Hood is the President of ECTA Holdings Ltd., which for two and a half decades, has provided organizational transition services to the private and public sectors. His career has focused on leading organizational and large project turn-arounds. In the education sector, Mr. Hood has recently served as the Senior Advisor to the President of Carleton University, with responsibility for preparing its Department of University Advancement for its next comprehensive campaign and has also recently served as the advisor to the Vice-President of External Affairs at the University of Ottawa.

From 1998-2006 George Hood was Vice-Principal (Advancement) at Queen’s University, with responsibility for that University’s last and by far, largest capital campaign: the Campaign for Queen’s, with $262M raised on an initial campaign goal of $200M. The total amount raised during George’s term at Queen’s approached $400M.  In total, he has raised almost a half billion dollars at Carleton and Queen’s combined. He also led, among other things, the initiative on behalf of his alma mater for the $200 million Queen's Athletic & Recreation Centre.

Prior to joining the Office of Advancement, Mr. Hood was Associate Vice-Principal (Research) at Queen’s University from 1995-1998 and Director of the Centre for Resource Studies (1994-1995). He was a Skelton-Clark Fellow in the Department of Political Studies in 1992-1993 during which he wrote a book on his experiences in Saskatchewan and on environmental policy entitled:, Against the Flow: Raffery-Alameda and the Politics of the Environment.

Before joining Queen’s, George spent more than a decade in various positions with the Government of Saskatchewan. He has served in numerous high-level volunteer roles in the community.

The following comments were made in support of his nomination:

Roseann O'Reilly Runte, President and Vice-Chancellor of Carleton University, said:
Mr. Hood is the epitome of the leader one would like to associate with a university and with development. His honesty and ethical values are irreproachable. He is the soul of discretion. His judgment is excellent. He is a good and kind person who relates warmly to his staff, faculty, students, alumni and potential donors. He thoroughly understands development and could well write the textbook on campaigns.
George was Director of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, Kingston branch. This demonstrates the high regard in which he is held among professionals in Canada. He was also a Director of the Telecommunications Research Institute of Canada and Chair of the Board of the Kingston Economic Development Corporation. He received the President's Award from the Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce, proof of the fine reputation he enjoyed with the business community.

Mr. Hood is always enthusiastic and his energetic good humour and cordiality are memorable. Everyone looks forward to meeting him again and we all have good quotes from him on which to rely. One of his favorites is: "It is like the Santa Claus parade. We all know he will be there at the end. But we still like to be surprised."

George is a bit like Santa Claus. We can always count on him. He will be there at the end and he will always surprise us with new lessons, fresh approaches and inspiring goals.

He leads by example and his example is stellar.

Said Paul Chesser, Chief Development Officer at Carleton University:
Above all, George is a builder. He develops solutions. He creates consensus. He inspires excellence. He stirs courage. He leaves legacies. And he builds careers.

He is positive and outcome oriented, able to build consensus and enthusiasm at every step. He is unafraid to ask hard questions or consider unpopular options. That is leadership, and that is what inspires those who work for him. His advice is to forever “plow a straight furrow”, or focus on the best outcome. With him in our corner, we feel empowered to take strategic risks and make bold moves.
From Ray Satterthwaite, Executive Director Advancement, Ashbury College:
The successful leader is not the one with the bigger ego or better ideas than their team but the one who sees their team as bigger than them, with more combined skills and potential for success. This leader is the one that adapts their style to the team, to the individual and to the situation. George did this well, very well.

Kathy Arney President, Kea Canada, stated:
This award will be our opportunity to say thank you to George. Thank you for being such a great role model; for contributing so much to your alma mater, Queen’s University, and to so many other institutions across the country; thank you for your leadership and mentorship, and for the positive impact you have had on the advancement profession in Canada.