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Sylvie di Giusto

Keynote Speaker, Author, Stair Climber

Sylvie di Giusto

“You’ve 7 seconds. Make them count!” says Keynote Speaker Sylvie di Giusto, CSP, who helps individuals and organizations explore how people make up their minds very quickly about them, and either open the door for them or slam it shut. Sylvie takes audiences around the world on an interactive and entertaining journey of self-discovery that reveals how the world sees them, and ultimately, how they see themselves. With her unique and thought-provoking presentations, she helps audience members to lead better, sell faster, and persuade instantly. She empowers them to master their first impressions in any professional environment and during customer interactions. Sylvie is one of less than 12 percent of speakers worldwide who received the Certified Speaking Professional designation by the National Speakers Association. She is the author of “The Image of Leadership” and “Why’d you post that?” and the mind behind dozens of online courses, including “How You Impress.”

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