2021 CCAE National Conference

Be part of Canadian advancement’s premier annual event

The 2021 CCAE National Conference committee is planning an online experience starting May 2021. Over the next few weeks, the CCAE team will be confirming all aspects of the National Conference. There is no doubt that the 2021 National Conference will be different, but there is great innovation and excitement stirring amongst the team and volunteers.

The program will be delivered over a set number of weeks, from May-June and will include:

  • Multiple high profile keynote addresses
  • Superior calibre LIVE sessions
  • Extra on-demand content
  • Ample opportunities for celebration, networking and getting social
  • Multiple registration options

Details on these components will be made available soon on the CCAE website, and in future communications.

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Message from the CCAE National Conference Committee Chair

lynn squiresDear Friends and Colleagues,

Spring and Summer of 2021 seems so far away, and yet, it is closer than we can imagine. It’s time to plan and I’d like to invite you to the CCAE National Conference which was scheduled to take place in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, but will now be held online. This year we’ll have to think differently, so let’s get your brains warmed up with a Newfoundland tongue twist.

This truly is a fine kettle of fish (translation: this is a fine ol’ situation we’re in). Well, I had truly hoped that you would all be able to join me, in-person, on this beautiful rock at the edge of the world that I call home. Our conference will now be held virtually, and the format and timing is still a bit up in the air. Uncertainty abounds, but the one thing we know for sure, you will never forget this year’s conference!

Whether we comes where you are to, or you come to where we’re at (translation: whether we come to you or you come to us), you can be assured that the CCAE 2021 National Conference will happen.  The presentations we’ve received are remarkable and relevant. Our keynotes shortlist is inspirational and timely. There is no doubt that more than ever, we need to gather together – even if it is virtually.

You can cut a notch in a beam (translation: someone accomplishes something unusual). Throughout these strange times, we have all faced a rapidly-changing delivery of programs, events and services. We have had to re-imagine decades old, proven methods of engagement and find substitutes that may feel strange and unfamiliar. We have had to overcome significant challenges, wrestle with our brains and determine opportunities that are foreign to us. In many ways, we have had to re-learn and re-train our brains. But, we can cut a notch in a beam.

A gaggle of buddies (translation: lots of friends and support). We are all in the business of outreach. Of developing relationships, creating engagement, rallying a community and seeking support – even in a pandemic! It is evident to me that now is the time we need one another. We need to learn and share; most importantly, we need to inspire.

Havin’ a time (translation: it’ll be great). What better way to do this than in the Newfoundland and Labrador way? You know, we are kind of famous for our hospitality, our fun and our way of making you feel like you are at home. Even virtually, we promise to make you smile, laugh and feel like you’ve had a grand jiggs dinner with your wacky family. There will be songs and stories galore, even if you can’t kiss the cod!

It'll be some good, you can hang y’er hat on dat (translation: it will be excellent). There will be irreplaceable keynotes, learning, connections and conversations. You’ll soar on the positivity, the comradery and the lessons, and be able to apply them as you move forward to create a new form of success.

Please, join us and have a tad (translation: a bit) of fun as you hove off (translation: relax) and learn, twack (translation: travel) the sites (yes, even virtually!). It’ll be grand (translation: fantastic) in every which way!

Long may your big jib draw (translation: may your sails always catch the wind)!

Lynn Squires
Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement
Memorial University


2021 CCAE National Conference Committee


lynn squiresConference Chair: 
Lynn Squires
Memorial University

anna peddleSocial Event Co-Chair: 
Anna Peddle
College of the North Atlantic

Andrea WarmanSocial Event Co-Chair: 
Andrea Warmans
Memorial University

ryan brejakProgram Co-chair: 
Ryan Brejak
Wilfrid Laurier University

dean hughesProgram Co-chair: 
Dean Hughes
Seneca College

Program Committee

Jeff Briand, Ryerson University
Victoria Collins, Memorial University
Frances Houston, University of Guelph
Salman Jivani, University of Calgary
Bryan Lan, University of Alberta
Emily LebBlanc, Saint Mary’s University

Hannah Pearson, McGill University
Tania John Pihl, University of Toronto
Cheryl Stornelli, Mohawk College
Jacqueline Watty, Perimeter Institute
Tan-Ling Yeung, Seneca College