2017-2020 Strategic Plan

CCAE 2017-2020: 3 Years of Impact

CCAE Vision & Mission

The mission indicates the organization’s strategic directions and mandate; the vision is the collective aspiration for the organization.



The Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE) builds the leadership and capacity of the advancement community through exemplary programs and services that assist educational institutions in fulfilling their aspirations.

The Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE) seeks to be Canada’s premier authority for educational advancement by strengthening the capacity, reach and impact of this country’s advancement profession.


CCAE Guiding Principles

The Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE):

  1. Exists to serve education through a uniquely Canadian, institution-based membership model.
  2. Provides the educational advancement community with exemplary programs and services that are research-based, data-driven, and appropriate to institution type, advancement discipline, experience level, and language (English and French).
  3. Shares current and future best practices across the advancement profession.
  4. Strategically and effectively uses resources in service to its members.


Strategic Direction A:

To better serve CCAE’s membership, develop and implement strategies that support the creation of a 5-year, growth oriented business and funding model that provides steady, predictable revenue and includes allocations for strategic priorities

Goal Statements

  • CCAE has in place a clearly defined, growth-oriented business and funding plan that enhances the stability of the organization.
  • CCAE's annual operating budget is solidified, and reliable growth in revenue results in the ability to invest in future strategic priority areas.
  • CCAE’s revenue grows annually.
  • Participation in CCAE programs grows annually.
  • A system is in place (perhaps a net promoter score) to measure member satisfaction with CCAE programs and services.

Strategic Direction B:

To enable sharing of best practices throughout Canada, and to inform CCAE's program and service development, conduct research about and for CCAE members and potential members.

Goal Statements

  • CCAE has conducted a comprehensive research project that will help shape the future of the organization’s programs, services and business and funding plans.
  • CCAE continues discussions with members on issues and trends affecting educational advancement.
  • CCAE is conducting Canadian advancement-related research in collaboration with CASE.
  • CCAE’s business and program development / delivery plans reflect current and anticipated member needs as well as trends in educational advancement.

Strategic Direction C:

  • To enhance CCAE’s membership growth and ability to effectively serve Canadian advancement professionals, CCAE will engage in strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Goal Statements

  • CCAE has established productive, collaborative partnerships with CASE, ISAP, Imagine Canada and other like organizations that enhance research,  membership development, PD development and delivery and advocacy by CCAE.
  • CCAE and CASE continue to expand collaborative offerings that are of benefit to both organizations and to Canadian advancement professionals.