2020-2023 Strategic Plan

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CCAE Vision & Mission


As the leading national organization, CCAE enables advancement professionals, and the educational institutions in which they work, to fulfil their aspirations.

CCAE strengthens the capacity, reach, and impact of the advancement community, through exemplary programs, resources, partnerships, and services.


CCAE Guiding Principles

The Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE) serves and represents advancement professionals employed in the educational sector at member institutions. The CCAE is dedicated to:

  • Developing programs and services that are inclusive, equitable and respectful;
  • Serving the advancement community with a focus on innovation, value creation, and excellent service; and,
  • Delivering exemplary program, resources s and services that are research-based, data-driven, member-focussed, and appropriate to institution type and size, advancement discipline, experience level, and language (English and French).


Areas of strategic focus:

Visionary Leadership:

As educational institutions face a more complex and challenging environment, our members look to CCAE for leadership to help them remain at the forefront of the sector. CCAE is committed to being an innovative, visionary and trusted leader on issues of significance and relevance to our members through advancing new thinking, developing collaborative partnerships within the sector, both nationally and internationally, and bringing thought leaders together around the issues of the greatest value to, and potential impact for, member institutions and Canadian advancement professionals.

CCAE Commitments
  • Continue to build and expand partnerships through collaborative and innovative projects on issues of major importance with regional, national and global organizations.
  • Promote thought-leadership by sharing expertise and leading conversations with advancement professionals on best practices, sector trends, and relevant issues; and by accessing insights from within and outside the sector.
  • Connect with advancement professionals, national partners, and sponsors on a regular basis to understand their needs and concerns, and seek perspectives, ideas, opportunities, and areas of improvement.
Inspired & Connected Community of Professionals:

CCAE represents a growing and diverse network of advancement professionals. Recognizing that the strength of the network is derived from the broad range of skills, knowledge, expertise, and experiences of thousands of professionals, CCAE’s primary purpose is to convene opportunities to connect, learn, and share. Through innovative and relevant programs and services, and timely, informative communications, CCAE will continue to harness the collective insights of the network, enable potential, and inspire new and experienced professionals to fulfill their aspirations.

CCAE Commitments
  • Develop and deliver a vibrant annual curriculum of high-quality and dynamic professional development and knowledge-sharing opportunities, and support members to engage in communities of practice, mentoring, and peer-to-peer activities.
  • Remain at the forefront of delivery approaches for education and learning, both in person and online, and ensure resources, programs and services reflect the diversity of advancement professions, school types and sizes, regions, disciplines, and experiences.
  • Nurture career-long affinity with advancement professionals by generating awareness of CCAE membership advantages and opportunities.
  • Connect through multiple communication channels with advancement professionals, national partners, and sponsors.
  • Celebrate talent, innovation, and service by exploring new opportunities to enhance awards, fellowships, and scholarships.
Engaged & Effective Member Organizations:

CCAE’s member institutions, national partners, and sponsors are united in their commitment to the education sector, and to championing the role of the advancement profession within the post-secondary and independent school sectors. CCAE supports the vitality of the sector through enabling members to continue offering high-quality opportunities for members and provide leadership within the sector.

CCAE Commitments
  • Demonstrate the impact of the Canadian educational advancement profession by curating and disseminating relevant research, analysis, policy, and best practices.
  • Assist member institutions in promoting and enhancing the contributions of the advancement profession and its unique value with their campus partners, within their organizations, and broader communities.
  • Where possible, expand offerings or provide support to include Presidents, Deans, academic leaders and other key internal stakeholders and volunteers that contribute to the success of educational advancement.
Organizational Capacity:

The hard work and high-quality efforts of CCAE’s staff team and volunteers are the foundation of its success. CCAE is committed to enhancing its organizational strength and resilience by ensuring that skilled people are equipped with the resources needed to continue offering high-quality opportunities for members and provide leadership within the sector. CCAE will continue to prioritize resources to meet member needs and seek opportunities to attract resourcesand support from national partners and sponors.

CCAE Commitments
  • Ensure financial sustainability and incremental growth of the organization by exploring sponsorship opportunities, professional development, membership retention and recruitment, and engaging with potential supporters.
  • Invest in human resources as necessary to support a healthy organizational culture. Ensure that staff have the right expertise and training to oversee and deliver excellent programs and services that meet members’ needs.
  • Explore IT systems and infrastructure that maximize organizational efficiency (i.e. data collection, analysis, stakeholder relationships, and communications).
  • Recognize and celebrate the skills and expertise of volunteers and the impact they have in strengthening CCAE’s capacity.


2017-2020 Strategic Plan

CCAE 2017-2020: 3 Years of Impact

Strategic Direction A:

To better serve CCAE’s membership, develop and implement strategies that support the creation of a 5-year, growth oriented business and funding model that provides steady, predictable revenue and includes allocations for strategic priorities

Goal Statements

  • CCAE has in place a clearly defined, growth-oriented business and funding plan that enhances the stability of the organization.
  • CCAE's annual operating budget is solidified, and reliable growth in revenue results in the ability to invest in future strategic priority areas.
  • CCAE’s revenue grows annually.
  • Participation in CCAE programs grows annually.
  • A system is in place (perhaps a net promoter score) to measure member satisfaction with CCAE programs and services.

Strategic Direction B:

To enable sharing of best practices throughout Canada, and to inform CCAE's program and service development, conduct research about and for CCAE members and potential members.

Goal Statements

  • CCAE has conducted a comprehensive research project that will help shape the future of the organization’s programs, services and business and funding plans.
  • CCAE continues discussions with members on issues and trends affecting educational advancement.
  • CCAE is conducting Canadian advancement-related research in collaboration with CASE.
  • CCAE’s business and program development / delivery plans reflect current and anticipated member needs as well as trends in educational advancement.

Strategic Direction C:

  • To enhance CCAE’s membership growth and ability to effectively serve Canadian advancement professionals, CCAE will engage in strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Goal Statements

  • CCAE has established productive, collaborative partnerships with CASE, ISAP, Imagine Canada and other like organizations that enhance research,  membership development, PD development and delivery and advocacy by CCAE.
  • CCAE and CASE continue to expand collaborative offerings that are of benefit to both organizations and to Canadian advancement professionals.