TD Fellowship - Testimonials

The Impact of a TD Fellowship: Memorial University

Memorial University has had the good fortune to be home to several TD Fellows in the past 8 years, and both the Office of Alumni Affairs and Development, and the Division of Marketing and Communications have benefitted greatly from having these talented individuals as part of our teams. Darcy McMeekin, Sarah Stoodley, and (now) Sarah Halliday are all remarkable people. Their list of talents is long and varied, but they share incredibly high energy, dedication, and passion that is inspiring to us all. Their fresh outlook on our field reminds us of the importance of our work.

As one might imagine, TD Fellows tend to be highly motivated and productive, as well as very, very bright, so their impact is substantial. Our Fellows have worked on a wide range of initiatives, from assisting with and creating successful alumni events and giving programs, to improving our connections with young alumni through social media, to assisting with policy development. In the words of Sarah Halliday, …being a TD Fellow at Memorial University means that I have the fortunate opportunity to work in all divisions of my office; alumni relations, development, marketing and communications, and advancement services. This has given me a richer experience that allowed me to see the bigger picture—the importance that each division not only has on its own, but more importantly, how each division is essential to the success of the other. Without each division playing its distinct role, we would not be able to successfully fulfill our goal of advancing our institution.

“I hold great pride in working for the Office of Alumni Affairs and Development, as I see firsthand the benefits of the work we do. Whether providing students with the opportunity to receive a scholarship or creating a new lab or facility for the university, our office is on the front lines for ensuring the success of our university and its students. My work creating a class giving manual for our development officers, developing a marketing policy, and building a social media strategy has given me a great sense of accomplishment because I know that I am working on projects that matter—that will benefit my institution long after my Fellowship is over. This exceptional opportunity has not only enlightened my knowledge of Alumni Affairs and Development, but has also strengthened my abilities and skills as a professional.”

Aside from the value to the Fellows themselves, perhaps the greatest value of the TD Fellowships program lies in its role in fostering exceptional new talent for the advancement profession in Canada. While not all our Fellows have ended up working for Memorial, some have, and we can testify to the incredible value they bring as employees,  if not for your institution then hopefully for the betterment of our profession. We cannot recommend this program highly enough and thank CCAE and TD Insurance Meloche Monnex for their ongoing support.


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