Development for Deans with Lorna Somers

November 24-26, 2021 | 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. ET daily

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CCAE has been working with Lorna Somers for over a decade to deliver programming built to inspire collaboration and grow philanthropy within Institutions. Success in securing significant philanthropic support requires an institution-wide effort and commitment. Academic leadership in partnership with faculty, staff and advancement colleagues, need to work together to improve prosperity and progress in all stages of giving.

Each year, CCAE’s Development for Deans sells out to capacity, leaving many unable to participate. This year, for the second time, CCAE and Lorna are bringing the program to the digital space. The same great content, broken out into manageable timeframes with increased attendance capacity.

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A Note from your Chair & Program Summary

What’s in store for philanthropy when we emerge from what will be a pandemic wrought two-year period of unanticipated global disruption?  What will the philanthropic landscape look like and is there any sort of map that will help us navigate an altered topography of new attitudes, emerging opportunities, and hidden quicksand?  While my own crystal ball has proven untrustworthy, what I can assure you with some confidence is that humans are truly hardwired to give and to seek out social engagement.  Charitable giving, while changed, has not stopped, and every day we read of transformational gifts being directed to higher education worldwide.  After more than three decades, my own longitudinal study of those who give, the motivations for doing so, and the best means of building relationships that permit us to invite their investment, corroborates what you will already know:  successful development is about meaningful relationship-building and having a compelling case for support.  In other words, regardless of the circumstances, best practice remains best practice.  And while we focus on those most fundamental practices and the skills required by both academic leader and development professional, we are also going to consider new expectations and the creativity needed to fully position ourselves for fundraising success in our post-pandemic world.

While we will still be practicing social distancing – I’ll be in my dining room and you in your offices or homes – we will make the most out of three, chock-a-blocks of content that is entirely refreshed from previous CCAE programs.  We will embark on a journey together that follows the trajectory of what I call the Village Engagement Journey – formally known as the Development Cycle and more narrowly viewed as simply pertaining to donors.  We’re going to re-imagine and expand that journey and I guarantee it will be more useful, allow you to tailor it more easily to your needs, culture, and history, and provide the elements that will enable you to map out a solid plan for 2022 and to do so to scale!  So, it doesn’t matter if you are part of a complex, well-staffed institution, or a smaller shop with 75% of a Development partner.

I know you’re excited.  I can sense it, even with my unreliable crystal ball!  And I can hear you saying, “Tell me more!”.  So, I will:


Lorna’s Top Tips:  As a starting point, we are going to consider the entire Engagement Cycle and, spoiler alert, I am going to walk through the most important things you need to commit to and undertake to ensure success. 

Themes:  Understanding and Identifying your ‘Village’ – and by this, I mean our potential supporters, of course, but also those at your university or college that you need to bring on board.  We’ll also consider the academic leader-development partnership and what makes it really sing and what a Development Plan might entail.

5 THINGS:  This is a brilliant new addition, (if I do say so myself), and will appear on all three days.  First up, we will hear 5 THINGS that have changed or haven’t changed in how one the planet’s best fundraisers works with his academic leaders and supporters and what this means for you.

fritz schroederSpecial Guest: Fritz W. Schroeder
Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
Johns Hopkins University


Themes:  On a traditional Development Cycle schematic, today’s discussion would be focusing around ‘Cultivation’ and will include topics like how to effectively engage with potential supporters, what you need to prepare for visits and meetings, the anatomy of a donor visit, using events and other activities effectively.

5 THINGS: we’ve heard from an exceptional Development professional so today we are hearing from an exceptional Dean who will share her experiences based on the same framework of the top 5 things that have changed for her regarding her role in Development and those things that haven’t.

maureen macdonaldSpecial Guest: Dr. Maureen MacDonald
PhD. Dean, Faculty of Science
McMaster University


Themes:  Relationships have been built and it’s time to make the invitation to give.  We’ll talk about ensuring that you’re as ready and as well-positioned as possible and will review how this discussion might unfold and how you follow-up to a YES! (my favorite), NO (not great but a learning moment…) and MAYBE (bring it! This still has legs!).  We’ll also talk about what follows by way of celebrating, fulfilling commitments and delivery,  and then drafting your new roadmap for when it’s time to set out again.  And when it begins, you’re sure to be successful if you’ve spent these three days with CCAE and me, we’ll talk about measuring success because it’s far more than just $ raised!

5 THINGS: and it should come as no surprise that we’ll cap our three days together with a philanthropist talking about the 5 things that haven’t impacted their thinking on how, why, where and what they give.

Lorna’s Top Tips:  And because I’ll likely grab the last word, I’ll provide my own top take-aways to ensure you’re kitted up and ready for what will be an exciting and enjoyable journey!

paul mcleanSpecial Guest: Paul McLean
Chief Executive Officer
Turf Care Products


Please join me and my three surprise, cameo guest speakers, for what I know will be a productive and I hope enjoyable use of your time.