CCAeLearning Sessions 2020-2021

All CCAeLearning webinars are free to CCAE members. An unlimited number of advancement staff are welcome to participate and all sessions are applicable to a wide range of advancement professionals. Sessions run from 1 - 2 p.m. Eastern time.

Fall 2020 CCAeLearning

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December 3, 2020, @1 p.m. ET: Making Your Board Your Biggest Fundraising Ally

Alison Holt, Managing Director, Senior Consultant & Principal, Offord Group
Cathy Yanosik, President, Foundation, Toronto French School

Boards really make a difference to an organization's ability to raise funds, engage donors and volunteers and raise sights. Learn how to make that case to board members, how to build a culture of philanthropy on the board and get members actively working on the organization. And find out what board members are looking for in their staff partners.

Learning Objectives
  1. Understand the Boards' crucial role in fundraising success and how to communicate and support that success.
  2. How to build and engage a philanthropically minded Board
  3. Building meaningful, strong and mutually beneficial relationships with Board members


December 8, 2020, @1 p.m. ET: The pivot to virtual for signature events in a COVID world

Caitlin Lamont, Director, Strategic Events, University of Calgary
Audrey Taylor-Bereznicki, Associate Director, Alumni Leadership Engagement & Recognition, University of Calgary

PIVOT – a word that, for many of us, has been used more in 2020 than ever before. While the pandemic has changed the way that we work and live, it has also had an enormous impact on the way that we celebrate and come together. For the University of Calgary, 2020 was meant to be a year of celebration and gratitude – we closed the third largest campaign in Canadian history - with a grand total of $1.41B on June 30 and were planning the 36th Annual Arch Awards to recognize some of our most visionary alumni on September 10. Both of these celebrations began with a vision of bringing our community together physically and engaging our alumni, donors and friends in high touch social gatherings where the best of UCalgary was right in front of them; however this was not to be. COVID-19 has challenged programming and event specialists all over the world to rethink their work and create virtual experiences that still leave audiences feeling connected. In this webinar, learn how UCalgary transformed two high profile in-person celebrations into high impact virtual experiences.

Learning Objectives
  1. Identifying new and reimagining existing tactics to achieve project goals
  2. What makes virtual events a success
  3. Considerations for the future of donor and alumni engagement



Winter 2021 CCAeLearning

February 18, 2021, @1 p.m. ET: Students and Donors Benefit When Silos Disappear: How to break down barriers between the Student Financial Aid and Philanthropy functions at your institution

Kathryn Davidson, Philanthropy Director, Lakehead University
Josh Levac, Associate Registrar, Student Awards and Financial Aid, Lakehead University

Canadian post-secondary philanthropy departments play an important role in helping to fund many of the projects that their institutions undertake. One major component is the solicitation of funding from donors to help establish scholarships, bursaries and awards. In many cases the responsible departments are silos, understanding only their work, and the lack of communication can result in frustrated employees and donors. Over the past 5 years, Lakehead University has started to break down our interoffice barriers, communicate, and develop an internal methodology that can help other siloed institutions to develop synergies and create an open dialogue and understanding of processes.

Learning Objectives
  1. Demonstration of best practice in procedures and communication between departments
  2. Development of Student Financial Aid Policy
  3. Demonstration of benefits to students and donors when silos are broken down


March 11, 2021, @1 p.m. ET: Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation Thankathon: How to thank your donors for $300

Jon Bruhm, Donor Relation, Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation
Twitter: @dmrf1979 | Instagram: @dmrf79

On Valentine’s Day in 2019 & 2020, the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation held its Thankathon - a multi-pronged donor relations initiative intended to show some love to its donors. Find out how this small shop expressed gratitude to thousands of donors in just one day... without "thasking," and on a shoestring budget.

Learning Objectives
  1. One approach to engaging and building a culture of gratitude among your board members, colleagues and funding recipients
  2. Avoiding the “Thask” - sometimes, you just need to say thank you, with no strings attached
  3. Get over your fear of the phone: Not everyone is allergic to receiving an old school phone calls!