2019-2020 CCAeLearning Webinars

Lessons from the Best

During the CCAeLearning webinars, 2019 CCAE Prix d’Excellence recipients are among the presenters who share key lessons and how-tos from their award-winning initiatives. All CCAeLearning sessions are offered as a free professional benefit to CCAE members. An unlimited number of your staff can participate.

No matter the size of shop or type of school, participants will find scalable solutions to current advancement issues. Each CCAeLearning session explores project definition, design, conception, challenges, strategies to gain buy-in, and ongoing adjustments.

Upcoming Sessions:

April 23, 2020 @1 p.m. EST: How the University of Alberta quadrupled the amount of pageviews of its news stories in three years

The presentation will examine the strategy and tactics used to achieve these results. Specifically, I will discuss the following; the ever changing media landscape that has made it increasingly difficult over time to deliver the institution’s story to a wide audience; the opportunity the Internet and social media provide us to reach a much wider audience directly; an overview of our brand journalism program, including the journalistic tactics used; the strategy and tactics used to successfully implement the change management strategy; how we use brand journalism to manage issues and influence the narrative by external media; and the lessons we learned along the way.

Learning Objectives
  1. How to make an effective business case for brand journalism
  2. The strategies and tactics used to implement the brand journalism model
  3. The components that go into a change management strategy to implement this model


Michel Proulx, Executive Director, News and Media Relations, University of Alberta

Michel has more than 25 years’ experience in communications, journalism and public relations. After completing a B.A. in political science and a diploma in print journalism, he worked primarily as a print reporter and editor for a decade. He has spent the last 15+ years in a variety of communications roles, working primarily in strategic communication planning, media relations, issues management and government relations. Most recently, he developed and launched folio.ca, the U of A’s brand journalism site.