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Best in the world. Times Higher Education has released its 2016 World University Reputation Rankings. The first three slots are occupied by U.S. powerhouses Harvard, MIT and Stanford, respectively. The University of Toronto was the highest-ranked Canadian university at #23, UBC was second at #37 and McGill University was third at #39. The rankings are based on a global survey of published academics that yielded over 10,000 responses from 133 countries.

Best Convocation speech of the season? Each graduation season launches one or more Convocation speeches dubbed “best of the season”. One popular choice in spring 2016 was this speech presented at Colgate College by columnist and former Colgate prof, Omid Safdi. He urges new graduates to gain perspective on the true meaning of success. “Be pre-med, be pre-law. Do not be pre-life. . . . Your life will not start down the road. This is life. Be here now. Have your heart where your feet are.”

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) benefit from college and institute applied research. Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) reports: “Over 5,500 Canadian companies turned to their local college or institute last year to meet their innovation needs, develop new products or improve their services.” The report, “Applied Research: Partnered Innovation for Businesses and Communities”, shows that of all the private sector partners working with colleges and institutes, 78% are SMEs.

Unprecedented grant for musical performances and research. The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT), established by McGill, Université de Montréal and Université de Sherbrooke in 2000, was awarded a $17 million grant to renovate and connect two spaces: the Music Multimedia Room (MMR) in the Elizabeth Wirth Music Building at McGill’s Schulich School of Music, and Université de Montréal’s concert hall, Salle Claude-Champagne. Funding is provided by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Quebec government, the Fonds de recherche du Québec, and private partners.

Major donation from famed alumnus. Alex Trebek, host of the TV show Jeopardy!, has given $5 million to his alma mater, University of Ottawa, to create the Forum for Dialogue. The forum will provide a new platform to discuss provocative, timely and constructive ideas on issues that matter to Canadians. Alex Trebek’s most recent gift raises his financial commitment to the University of Ottawa to $7.5 million. His initial gift led to the 2015 inauguration of the Alex Trebek Alumni Hall and the Alex Trebek Distinguished Lecture Series.

Highest-earning families benefit most from education tax credits. A report from the Parliamentary Budget Office indicates that the highest-earning families benefited disproportionately from tax breaks and incentives designed to help people save and pay for post-secondary education. In 2015, families among the top 20% of earners received 37.7% of the total non-refundable tax credits for education, textbook and tuition expenses. The same group has benefited disproportionately from registered education savings plans.

Ontario a leader in building campus entrepreneurial culture. An article in University Affairs points to Ontario as a world leader in fostering a campus culture of entrepreneurship, as more students embrace building their own business as a career path and a way of life. Says the article: “Ontario established the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs and has been especially prescient about creating and fostering a strong entrepreneurial culture. This includes investing heavily in regional campus-based programs at universities and colleges that are aimed at encouraging students to acquire business skills and launch their own companies.”

Aboriginal students and Canadian higher education. In his May 27th daily blog, columnist Alex Usher reflects on three trends affecting aboriginal students’ relationship to Canada’s PSE sector. He notes more aboriginal students now concentrate on business studies and STEM fields, and points to a “huge boost in funding that First Nations students could receive should they sign up for federal and provincial student aid”. Usher also questions how closely recent curricular changes across Canada respond to findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Thoughts on branding in higher ed. Alex Usher examines higher-ed branding trends and myths in a two-part column. On June 2, 2016, Usher questions the zeal for brand differentiation among most Canadian universities whose audiences are mainly regional. His June 3 column argues that branding should be focused differently by the few universities whose primary audiences include international students. All food for marketing thought.

Surprising stressors of senior leaders. They have higher salaries, more autonomy and more prestige, but leaders also suffer from more stress and unhappiness, according to an article in CASE Advancement Weekly. A study published in the Harvard Business Review found: “leaders and managers reported higher levels of stress throughout the day due to lack of resources and their perceived lack of ability to complete the task at hand.”


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• CCAE Welcomes New Staff Member Tara Sandler
• CCAE 2016 Canadian Education Annual Giving Congress

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Magda Fusaro has been appointed Vice-President for Information Systems at Université de Québec à Montréal. Fusaro currently serves as Professor in the Department of Management and Technology School of Management Science at UQÀM.

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CCAE Celebrates Canadian Advancement, 2016 CCAE Award Recipients and TD Fellows

Saskatoon brought out its warmest welcome for #ccae2016 from June 7 - 10. CCAE’s spectacular yearly conference, held at TCU Place and the Delta Bessborough Hotel, featured innovative professional development sessions on every advancement area, three keynote presentations that explored The Creative Journey from different angles, a unique Forum on Aboriginal Issues in Education and Society, and celebratory special events. A CCAE website link to photos capturing the spirit and events of #ccae2016 will be posted shortly.

On June 8, the 2016 CCAE Awards Evening Dinner celebrated 2016 Distinguished Service Award recipients and the2016-17 TD Fellows in Advancement. Review the remarkable profiles on the CCAE website of:

The 2016 CCAE Rising Star Award recipients, recognized at the Opening Reception on June 7 at the University of Saskatchewan, are:

  • Sarah B. MacDonald, Acting Manager of Annual Giving, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia; and
  • Tom Meadus, Director of Advancement, New Brunswick Community College, Fredericton, New Brunswick

CCAE thanks all who attended the 2016 National Conference, and applauds the 2016 Distinguished Service Award and TD Fellowship recipients.

Click here to watch the 2016 Award Videos: https://youtu.be/PRd5vA7h_VQ & https://youtu.be/bCXvpTX2uSU

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CCAE Welcomes New Staff Member Tara Sandler

CCAE Executive Director, Mark Hazlett, is pleased to announce the appointment of Tara Sandler as the new CCAE Program Development & Volunteer Management Officer as of June 1, 2016. In this new, full-time position (20-month term), Tara will:

  • manage the planning and execution of CCAE’s professional development events;
  • manage and oversee CCAE’s Volunteer Management Strategy, including all aspects of the Institutional Ambassador volunteer program;
  • assist in the overall organization, management and volunteer coordination of CCAE’s professional development activities; and,
  • help to develop messaging and materials related to CCAE professional development and volunteer management activities.

Tara Sandler is a fully bilingual, experienced development and project manager who served as Team in Training National Manager at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC). Tara helped to build the LLSC Atlantic Canada chapter, raise regional fundraising and increase the volunteer retention rate. She was the point person with a number of external organizations and managed various levels of donors and constituents. Her work was recognized with the title of Team in Training Champion and Biggest Mentor Team in the History of LLSC.

Tara “hit the ground running” at the 2016 CCAE National Conference in Saskatoon (June 7 - 10) attending the Essentials for New Professionals in Advancement workshop ( June 7) and the entire conference.

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CCAE 2016 Canadian Education Annual Giving Congress: October 20 - 21, 2016

Plan now to attend the don’t-miss event designed specifically for Canadian professionals in annual giving to education. 2016 marks the 6th annual Annual Giving Congress (AGC), formerly organized by a volunteer group from several Ontario institutions of higher education and now presented by CCAE.

The Congress is an opportunity for annual giving professionals from across Canada to share knowledge, gain important insight into best practices, engage in open discussion about successful strategies, problem solve common challenges, and create a base for future networking and cooperation.

The 2016 CCAE Canadian Higher Education Annual Giving Congress will take place October 20 - 21, 2016 at Oakham House, Ryerson University, in Toronto, ON. Registration will open in late June.

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