CCAE Platinum Sponsor: KCI


Long-time CCAE Sponsor, KCI, has been a welcome presence at the CCAE National Conference, often supporting the Opening Keynote. Once again in 2014, KCI has served as the Luncheon Sponsor for the CCAE Development for Deans and Academic Leaders series of workshops.

KCI Profile

For many years, KCI has been proud to partner with CCAE to further an objective that is at the core of both our organizations: propelling Canadian Advancement forward through ‘thought leadership.’ 

At KCI, everything we do – from our emphasis on capacity building in our work with clients, to the ongoing growth and development of our staff, to Philanthropic Trends Quarterly, to our forwardthinkingKCI.com knowledge portal, to the many presentations made by our senior leaders across the country – is focused on this core objective. 

CCAE’s focus on building the leadership and capacity of the advancement community is the perfect fit with our raison d'être at KCI.  The quality of services CCAE offers to educate and develop the advancement profession in knowledge, competencies and professionalism is truly exemplary, and all of us at KCI are proud to continue with our long-standing partnership with CCAE across Canada.