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Pot or no pot? Let’s talk about whether accepting a sponsorship or a philanthropic gift from a cannabis company is right for your organization

CCAE 2019 National Conference Video Session

Sam Laprade - Director, Gryphon Fundraising

On October 17, 2018, recreational cannabis became legal in Canada. The legalization of marijuana opened up an interesting dialogue in every sized non-profit organization. Many staff and board members are asking themselves: "Can we engage with cannabis companies for the sponsorship of our annual event? Are we able to accept a philanthropic gift?” During this interactive session from the 2019 CCAE National Conference, Sam Laprade discusses the implications of accepting a gift from a company selling recreational cannabis, as well as, medical cannabis. There are many stakeholders that will have an opinion for and against and this session will help prepare you for the ever evolving issue. Sam dives into all of the angles including gift acceptance policies, public relations and communications. So what will you do, take the gift or let it go up in smoke?