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Annette Paul
Annette Paul

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Into the mind of a Donor
Moderator: Annette Paul, Director of Advancement, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto

If only there was an opportunity to ask donors all of your burning questions. No stress, no pressure, just a chance to ask what you need to know.

Questions that impact strategy, initiatives, and future relationships: What inspired them to give? What recognition do they seek? Are you connecting with them too much or too little? The possibilities are endless so, CCAE is excited to provide you a chance to “ask”.

Get poised to meet 3 anonymous donors through an innovative ‘Q&A’ panel and gain the answers you are dying to know.

Within the discussion the donors will remain 100% anonymous, CCAE will only provide you with their province and alumni status – and nothing more!

It’s a mystery meeting between you and the donors, put your best foot forward and get ready for the ask.

  • Listen to what donors really want in relation to their gift.
  • Hear what motivates donors to give and what it takes to gain their loyalty.
  • Get answers to burning questions around stewardship & donor expectations.

Gillian Morrison
Gillian Morrison

Jonathon Millard
Jonathon Millard

Katherine Needham
Katherine Needham

Patricia Page
Patricia Page

Transformational Stewardship: Creating an unparalleled donor experience
Gillian Morrison, AVP, University Development, University of Toronto
Jonathon Millard, Director, Stewardship Programs and Services, University of Toronto
Katherine Needham, Director, Donor Relations, University of Toronto
Patricia Page, Associate Director, Principal Gift Implementation, University of Toronto

Through the use of case studies and research accumulated through more than two decades of campaign experience at the University of Toronto, this presentation will share insights into the ROI and ROE (return on expectations) of stewardship. Innovation and novel approaches to creating enduring donor relationships have underpinned U of T’s campaign successes, and key learnings from our stewardship journey will be reviewed.

  • Gain a greater understanding of the best practices of donor relations and stewardship and how to apply them in your own organization.
  • Learn new ideas and approaches to engage, steward and cultivate your organization's donors.
  • Discover how to build out or strengthen your donor relations program.

Angélique Simpson
Angélique Simpson

Looking ahead: pausing to reflect on positive changes and resilient leadership to move our institutions forward

Angélique Simpson, Director, Development and Donor Relations, University of New Brunswick

Fostering and deepening donor relationships during COVID hasn’t been easy. Amid economic uncertainty, travel restrictions, digital fatigue, and staff burnout, a number of unique opportunities have also arisen which may help us advance our institutions more rapidly over the long term – if we can recognize the bright spots and seize the day.

This session will offer qualitative observations from one of Canada’s oldest post-secondary institutions, into how the COVID experience has helped transform sluggish business practices and provided new platforms for creativity, problem-solving and collaboration in fundraising.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover some of the new, more agile ways UNB has connected with donors amid the COVID chaos, and how these efforts have been received;
  • Gain insight on how – in times of uncertainty and accelerated change – we as post-secondary leaders might tackle problems with resiliency, optimism, and creativity;
  • Share success stories, learnings and ideas to move our relationships and our institutions forward in the post-pandemic reality.

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Cynthia Foo icon
Cynthia Foo

*Note: Session not available as a recording
Firefly Session – Rapid Fire idea Share

Moderator: Cynthia Foo, Associate Director, Advancement, Strategic Initiatives, York University

Get ready to share what has been adding that beautiful glow to your plans! In this special take on popular “rapid fire” and “minute to win it” sessions, this is the opportunity to share new, exciting and innovative ideas with your colleagues.

Each share should be 1-2 minutes in length.

Every little touch, every little sparkle - be ready to share and to ask questions, this is the time to do it!

  • Hear what happens to be working for your colleagues across the country.
  • Discover new and innovative ideas that can be scaled and applied to ones own strategies.
  • Recognize that despite months of challenges that there are many wins, shining stars and things to be proud of.

Held in a Zoom meeting format, attendees will be asked to share on a volunteer basis. If you would like to submit your name to participate in the rapid fire please contact

Wendy Turner
Wendy Turner

Aunie Edwards
Aunie Edwards

Stewardship Accountability Manager – A Caped Crusader fighting donor attrition and promoting growth and retention in your organization!

Wendy Turner, Associate Director, Stewardship & Donor Relations, University of Guelph
Aunie Edwards, Stewardship Accountability Manager, University of Guelph

You have built an exceptional team of gift officers who bring millions of dollars of philanthropic funding to your institution.

But when the gift agreements start pouring in, how will you develop a strong stewardship and accountability program that surprises, delights, and informs each donor? And at what point is it time to make the case for a dedicated resource for major gift reporting.

This presentation will lead you through the processes that translate to:

  • efficiencies in reporting that can keep up with ever-increasing volume – this will include the reporting processes for tracking inventories, deadlines, and feedback as well as our efforts to sustain faculty and fundraiser buy-in.
  • stewardship that speaks to the heart and the mind of the donor – that is, accountability in terms of how funds are being spent, as well as the important piece of stewardship that honours the personal decision to give – the part of philanthropy that is driven by the heart.
  • making the case for growing resources in a not-for-profit within a department that is difficult to quantify. This presentation offers two different examples for two new hires (Caped Crusaders!!).

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*Note: Session not available as a recording
Festivus - for the restovus: Discussion Session

No grievances to share, no problem! During in-person opportunities some of the best exchanges happen over meals, coffee and informal social gatherings (impromptu dinner anyone?)

In a virtual space, CCAE has to work a little harder to create those moments. This discussion session will serve to bring together attendees for smaller, unscripted informal group discussions.

CCAE will provide some pre-populated topics for inspiration or folks can decide to discuss whatever is pressing at the time.

Group sizes will be small, (3-4 people) and CCAE will change the groups a minimum of twice.

  • Spend time, in small groups, to discuss matters that matter TO YOU!
  • Allow opportunities to network and connect in small groups by role, school, and location.
  • Share with (and lean on) your colleagues about challenges, wins and current projects.

Held in a Zoom meeting format, the session will not be recorded or available for playback. Please come prepared to share and/or seek council from colleagues.

If you wish for CCAE to submit a topic to the group for discussion, please submit it here.

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