TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellowship in Advancement Recipients

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CCAE 2022 TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellows, Nominators & Anna Kavanagh share special messages:



2022 Recipients

 Jaya Dhillon

Jaya Dhillon, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Surrey, British Columbia

When you think about the passion that it takes to make a difference in the advancement sector, Jaya Dhillon of Kwantlen Polytechnic University surmounts all expectations.

In every area Dhillon has touched at KPU, great strides have been made. From sharpening her perception and observation skillset within her anthropology studies, to empowering herself and the institution by becoming involved in student political experiences, Dhillon is unstoppable in her abilities to pursue, seek out and make change. Along the way, in her journey to becoming the President of the Student Council at KPU, she broke barriers to enact change in policies surrounding the reach, equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility of scholarships, and additionally creating new endowed awards for students with disabilities, students who identify as people of colour, LGBTQ+ and International students.

Wherever she involves herself, it is noted she is not just talking the talk but walking the walk, and in her efforts create astounding impacts for all. With Dhillon’s sights now turned to the advancement field, at an extreme time of challenges for all due to the pandemic, her mark within the sector is set to take on new heights. As a student intern she got her hands and her creative mind in tune with annual giving and assisted in an exceptional Giving Tuesday campaign that not only bolstered alumni engagement, but also spurred giving internally from staff & faculty.

“With all of my experiences, I have integrated my skills in various ways and will continue to implement those skills in the future. My goal is not only to create equal opportunities but to also create awareness about the barriers put into place. These barriers are often not noticed thus minimal changes are being made. The pandemic has highlighted the challenges for many students, including me, and I believe I provide the unique perspective, leadership qualities, and the willingness to take action to make a change.”

Those who have had the pleasure of working with Dhillon agree, her passion, drive, and lived experience set her ahead of the average student.

Professor Sarah Fessenden, PhD, Faculty of Anthropology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University regales on her time with Dhillon as a student:

“Ms. Dhillon is an eager learner and driven student who not only seeks new knowledge but applies it to pressing social justice problems specifically related to access and diversity. She is a model KPU student who makes “thought meet action” as she has reached out beyond the university to enhance accessibility for those with disability needs. Ms. Dhillon has stood with her creative inquiry and applied engagement.”

Benjamin Newsom, Executive Director of the Kwantlen Student Association, who worked with Dhillon for over two years is again awestruck by her initiative stating:

“As a Council member Jaya has put a great deal of time and effort representing students with disabilities and ensuring we could advocate as best we could for their needs. She has been an instrumental member on Governance committee during this time recommending and implementing policy changes that have led to increased confidence in our democratic structures, and enhanced support for her fellow member of Council.”

Understanding the challenges the advancement sector faces, and what is required to make a true impact within, is an asset of any recipient of the fellowship. TD Insurance Meloche Monnex and CCAE are honoured to provide Jaya Dhillon the opportunity of the fellowship and know that the work she will produce will be go beyond any expectations of excellence and ingenuity.

Catherine Haba, Queen’s University
Kingston, Ontario

An extremely strong advocate, scholar, and leader, Catherine Haba understands the true meaning of creating change for the Canadian Education sector and is a person who genuinely strives to make the world a better place.

Haba’s skillset is vast, and she has always been drawn to opportunities that allow her to utilize her passion and experience to enact positive transformation. She already encompasses a great level of understanding advancement through her professional experience in the non-profit sector at the United Way/Centraide Ottawa, and within Health Canada.

“In my current position as a Compensation Assistant for Health Canada, I routinely understand and deal with large volumes of time-sensitive human resource issues that require keen strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, and an ability to be self-motivated. My accumulated experience and skills in this role alone strengthened my ability to be successful in the field of advancement which involves multiple moving parts and interpersonal effective stakeholder communication.”

While studying Global Development at Queen’s University, Haba helped to remove barriers to support her fellow student’s success through mental health and inclusivity initiatives. Haba co-wrote and developed a strategy for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Indigeneity (EDII) issues as an undergraduate representative for the Faculty of Arts and Science. Her advocacy and leadership within volunteer positions shone even brighter as Vice-President of the Queen’s Black Alumni Chapter, where she developed strategies to engage alumni. In addition, as President of the Queen’s Black Academic Society (QBAS), she successfully lobbied for the creation of two additional admission awards aimed at diversifying student recruitment and led a call to action in response to the Black Lives Matters movement that motivated Queen’s students and alumni to raise over $30,000.

These accomplishments along with so many others have garnered Haba an outstanding reputation within the Queen’s University community and beyond. In 2021 she received the Agnes Benidickson Tricolour Award, the highest tribute given by Queen’s to a student for distinguished service to the university, in 2017 she received the United Way Community Builder award and was named a delegate for Canada at the 2017 Youth Assembly at the United Nations in New York City.

From colleagues to community leaders the impact she has made is widespread. Haba’s colleagues from Queen’s University share in providing insight into her accomplishments and why she is bar none a perfect recipient of the fellowship program:

“In her first year on QBAS she constantly went above and beyond her responsibilities. She truly helped to foster a strong relationship amongst not only Black first years, but all first years of colour, as she encouraged the collaboration with several different minority cultural clubs on campus. Due to her professionalism and overall skill, Catherine was then hired as the head of the QBAS’ conference team. While I was an alumnus the year she served in this role, I continued to work closely with the Society as an advisor. The conference that year, which focused on embracing Blackness in institutions, was a success, primarily due to Catherine’s leadership and vision. She worked passionately and tirelessly to create impactful workshops that were led by dynamic speakers.”

Nyah Hernandez, MA, Vice-President of Operations, Queen’s Black Alumni Chapter (QBAC)

“Ms. Haba is recognized by her peers as a leading presence in the BIPOC community. As part of her commitment to serving those who are too often underserved, Ms. Haba is intentional about providing mentorship and support to new students who share a desire to give back and to get involved. For those seeking to lead, she is a role model; for those seeking understanding and support, she is a beacon of kindness, a trusted advisor, and a friend… Queen's owes a great debt to students like Ms. Haba whose passion for justice and hope for a better future are steadily improving the university's capacity for genuine welcome and engagement of diversity in all its forms. She is an impactful leader, one who continues to grow and to influence change at every opportunity. I believe that individuals like Ms. Haba, with her unique insight and strong leadership background, are the future of educational advancement.”

Stephanie Simpson, Associate Vice-Principal (Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion), Queen’s University

On behalf of TD Insurance Meloche Monnex, congratulations Catherine Haba. CCAE is thrilled to have you be a part of the 2022 fellowship program and cannot wait to see the impact you will provide within the Canadian advancement sector.


CCAE 2021 TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellows, Nominators & Anna Kavanagh share special messages:


Lana Dadson

Lana Dadson, University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario

A soon-to-be University of Waterloo graduate, in Political Science & Business with Cooperative Education, Lana Dadson is determined to build a career in institutional advancement. Lana began her fundraising career at the exceptionally early age of 8 years old. As a young figure skater Lana fundraised for her local ice rink by selling raffle tickets door-to-door. Her passion did not stop there, she continued during high school, where she solicited donations to raise up to $100,000 per year for the Kinetic Knights Robotics charity.

Looking back at her first aspirations for educational Advancement Lana regales:

“It wasn’t until I spent my first co-operative education term working with the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Environment Advancement team that I discovered the possibility of a career in fundraising for higher education. Since then, I have committed myself to becoming the best fundraiser I can be by volunteering my time with nonprofits, spending my final two co-op terms with the University of Waterloo’s Central Development and Annual Giving teams, joining my local Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) chapter, volunteering with AFP Canada’s Government Relations Committee, and planning for a future Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership degree.”

In 2020, Lana worked in the Office of Advancement at the University of Waterloo, during a time of major organizational change due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She took the constant changes in stride and became a massive source of support for the University’s advancement team, and established a reputation for producing timely, high-quality work.

Recently, Lana served as a Development & Communications volunteer for Maya Traditions Foundation (MTF), in Guatemala where she helped raise over $55,000. Her drive and commitment to fundraising enamored her colleagues within this position as well.

“Lana clearly understands that successful fundraising is multifaceted, and she does not shy away from challenges that may extend the execution of a project or activity. It is apparent she cares about her quality of work to ensure the organization benefits from it. Her support has helped us achieve milestones and I am incredibly grateful to work with someone I can count on.”

Misty Lopez, Executive Director, Maya Traditions Foundation (MTF)

During her fellowship year Lana will be mentored, experience a bevy of professional learning opportunities, and will play a critical role within two departments at the University of Waterloo,  the Office of Advancement and the Faculty of Environment Advancement office. Lana will build new foundational knowledge about advancement for faculties and for academic support units, such as, library, athletics, alumni relations, communications, project management, and people management.

Simply put by Maryam Latifpoor-Keparoutis, Director of Advancement, Faculty of Environment, at the University of Waterloo:

“Lana was meant for the profession, and has continued to show clear signs of leadership and commitment to impacting change through volunteerism and fundraising.”

CCAE, and TD Insurance Meloche Monnex look forward to seeing the strides Lana Dadson will create in her fellowship year and are thrilled to aid the aspirations of a budding (yet highly experienced) advancement professional.


Kierian Turner

Kierian Turner, University of Lethbridge
Lethbridge, Alberta

Kierian Turner is an engaged and enthusiastic leader who values perseverance, integrity, and empathy, and is set to further his passion within advancement as a 2021 TD Insurance Meloche Monnex fellow.

An esteemed graduate of the Digital Audio Arts degree programme in the Music Department of the University of Lethbridge, Kierian possesses innate agility and dedication within all he aspires to accomplish. As a student leader he excelled in student engagement, relationship-building and event management with a proven track record in program development and execution.

Under his leadership he founded and was the first president of PACT (Philanthropy, Advancement, Community and Traditions) at the University of Lethbridge. In the first year of the club’s existence, he led the executive to develop and execute two new programs that supported the connection between students and alumni and promoted young alumni giving. 

Kierian sees the connection between the Universities work in advancement and other business units, which provides an integral understanding of the importance of alumni engagement, and why affinity needs to be fostered during the student experience. 

“I learned a great deal during my inaugural PACT presidency, but perhaps the greatest revelation was the degree to which our community is eager to give back time, talent and treasure to offer support to students. This shared belief will be the guiding light of my fellowship, especially as members of our University community look to one another for support during this especially difficult year.”

During his studies Kierian gained many accolades & awards including: 2020 Department of Music Most Distinguished Student; 2019 MusiCounts Scholarship, 2019 Fine Arts, and the Arts and Science Shining Student, and was the recipient of the 2018 Joyce & Ron Sakamoto prize for Research and Development in Digital Audio Arts.

Kierian holds an outstanding academic track record, maintaining a 4.0 GPA during four consecutive terms, all while attending to the comprehensive engagement across diverse activities. His professors, colleagues, and everyone he worked with were touched by Kierian’s glowing leadership and congenial take charge attitude.

“Through his absolute determination, Kierian made the most of his experience as a student, as an industry professional, and as a university employee and volunteer. Having a student like Kierian Turner, with sheer determination and ambition, is what every instructor hopes for ‒ a student who is destined to surpass expectations and at the same time, a student who is open to new avenues of acquiring knowledge and skill.”

Dr. D. Andrew Stewart, Orchestral, chamber, interactive music composer and digital instrumentalist; Associate Professor, Music and Digital Audio Arts, University of Lethbridge; Collaborator, The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology, McGill University; Collaborator, Hexagram, Concordia University; Associate Composer, Canadian Music Centre

In addition to his student experience, Kierian continued to receive glowing recommendations for his work within advancement, first within the student call centre, and most currently as an Alumni Engagement Assistant for the University of Lethbridge.

“His knowledge of the inner-workings of advancement combined with his cross-institutional experience are just what we need to steward the University of Lethbridge towards a culture of philanthropy. Kierian is an exceptional young leader with unmatched enthusiasm, and I can guarantee he is worthy of this fellowship.”

Lyndsay Montina, Manager, Alumni Relations, University Advancement, University of Lethbridge

Looking forward to his fellowship year, Kierian is excited to lay the groundwork for the creation of a culture of philanthropy amongst students. This will be done by conducting a research project that ultimately informs a student engagement plan tied to the University’s first Annual Day of Giving. The proposed project will be foundational in building an environment where students understand, celebrate, and engage with philanthropy while simultaneously building stronger affinity.

Kierian’s leadership, congeniality and professionalism is highly respected and as Cheri Pokarney, General Manager of the University of Lethbridge’s Student Union indicates “If his performance at the Student’s Union is any indication of his future potential he will continue to be a respected, engaging employee and community leader, and he will be an asset to any workforce in the future.

CCAE and TD Insurance Meloche Monnex are extremely honoured to welcome Kierian Turner into the Fellowship family and we cannot wait to watch him excel at the University of Lethbridge and wherever his bright future takes him.

CCAE 2020 TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellows & Anna Kavanagh share special messages:


Zachary Robertson

Zachary Robertson, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
Calgary, AB

As an enthusiastic communications professional from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology’s (SAIT) Alumni and Development department, Zachary Robertson is primed to enhance the future of advancement projects at SAIT as a 2020 TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellowship in Advancement Recipient.

Zachary already has an immense amount of accomplishments and accolades such as making the St. Mary’s University College Dean’s List in 2013, and University of Calgary Faculty of the Arts Dean’s List in 2014/15. As well as receiving the 2015 White Hat Award Nominee for excellence in hospitality and customer service and being the 2012 & 2013 recipient of the Jason Lang Scholarship.

So far, his work at SAIT has been revolutionary for the SAIT advancement program, his current responsibilities include, writing engaging Donor related features to appear on SAIT’s Donor Stories web page; Compiling the department’s monthly email newsletters that inform Donor and Alumni audiences about current events, news stories and alumni profiles; Researching, editing and drafting proposals for a wide range of funding requests, by identifying topical overlap between potential donors and the proposed project; Collecting and analyzing social media metrics to create accurate analytics reports, that provides a great opportunity to identify content that resonates with alumni and donor audiences.

On his fellowship Zachary states “I am excited by the opportunity that this fellowship provides for creating positive, long-lasting and supportive relationships between our alumni family and SAIT. I believe my commitment to building strong relationships within my institution as well as with SAIT graduates and donors makes me an ideal recipient for 2020.”

During his time as a TDIMM fellow, Zachary’s will be employed at SAIT within the Alumni and Development department and will be working on two major programs within the department: the Alumni Education pilot and the Campaign-Readiness project.

His colleagues at SAIT couldn’t be more thrilled with his continued role at SAIT: “Over the past few months, Zachary has very quickly become a well- regarded member of the Alumni & Development team. He has a terrific demeanour, working with a number of individuals who have very different working styles, and actively pursues opportunities to assist others in areas such as major gift proposal writing…” says Anthony W. Salekin, Director, Major Gifts & Sponsorship Alumni & Development, and Pamela Aranas, Manager, Alumni Relations Alumni and Development adds:

“Zachary possesses the competence and drive to continue work in this field. His adaptability and can-do attitude combined with his desire for continuous improvement and learning is demonstrative of his eagerness to grow in this field. With continued investment in his training and development, I have no doubt that Zachary will continue to flourish as both an employee of SAIT and emerging advancement professional.”

Zachary’s commitment and passion for creating engaging communications content and enthusiasm for continuous professional growth within the field of advancement makes him an ideal recipient for the 2020 TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellowship. Congratulations Zachary, SAIT and to the Canadian advancement community.


Miruna Timotin

Miruna Timotin, New Brunswick Community College (NBCC)
Fredericton, NB

Miruna Timotin is poised to bring her passion for giving, business acumen and leadership in volunteer engagement to New Brunswick Community College, as a 2020 TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellow in Advancement.

As a temporary backfill in the Advancement office, NBCC and Miruna became aware of her natural passion and acumen for advancement and a yearning to do more. The fellowship will provide her the opportunity to take on a new and in-depth challenge of providing critical and strategic support for the office. Her work will investigate critical areas of advancement to help NBCC make real progress in strategic engagement with donors, students and alumni. The knowledge gained from this work will serve not only NBCC but the broader CCAE community as NBCC looks forward to sharing the results of Miruna’s efforts.

On Miruna’s work to date, Tom Meadus, Director of Advancement at NBCC regales “She is thorough and detailed in her work. More importantly, Miruna has quickly, and sincerely, developed a passion for the field of advancement. Her time with the team has allowed her to work in several key areas. I am excited about the potential of the opportunity to play a more significant and strategic role here at NBCC”

In her most significant work experience so far outside of NBCC, Miruna operates a charitable community gymnastics organization that she founded in 2008. This work brings a unique and invaluable perspective to the Fellowship program as she understands the importance of stakeholder relations, fundraising, volunteer engagement and strategic partnerships to support the mission of an organization.

In reflection, Miruna says “I realize now that my education, experience and desire to work in the business and communications field, brought me to this incredible opportunity and I am grateful and eager to participate in this program and look forward to a gratifying career.”

CCAE is ecstatic to share congratulations and announce Miruna Timotin as a 2020 TDIMM Fellow. Her great aptitude, passion and outstanding leadership make her an ever brighter star for the Canadian advancement community and NBCC.


Karissa Hartley, University of Lethbridge
Lethbridge, AB

A graduate of the University of Lethbridge, Karissa Hartley is a shining example of what a TD Fellow exemplifies. With unwavering enthusiasm and a ceaseless desire to grow and learn, she garners her passion whole-heartedly and is invested in impacting the lives of alumni through a genuine effort to make a difference.

After her graduation in May 2018, Karissa fulfilled the role of Alumni Engagement Coordinator at the University of Lethbridge, where Lyndsay Montina, Manager of Alumni Relations at University of Lethbridge is enamored by her progress, stating: “With her support, programming for Alumni Relations has grown substantially. She has led the efforts required to expand the Alumni Chapters from 2 to 7; initiated a thriving Instagram account where alumni host weekly takeovers to showcase what they’ve done since graduation; and willingly stepped into any role necessary to support the team. She is exactly what we need to continue to shape the future of alumni engagement at the University of Lethbridge.”

The predominant task of Alumni Relations is to create the core foundations necessary to further alumni engagement and connectivity. During her fellowship, Karissa will spearhead this initiative by creating an alumni communications suite. The suite will be a collection of alumni-focused, on brand content that connects alumni through various strategic storytelling methods. A project of this caliber will prove vital to the University of Lethbridge by giving a strong voice to the people that have built the community at this institution. Activities include hosting and producing a podcast coupled with a complimentary blog, highlighting alumni in the news, recruiting alumni to create articles that interest the University of Lethbridge community and promoting alumni-driven content on social channels.

Karissa has already been essential in helping Alumni Relations make strides in connecting/reconnecting with alumni so that they can be brought back into the fold. She is excited to continue her work at the University of Lethbridge through the TD fellowship program and considers this achievement a great asset in strengthening her professional capacity and increasing the value of alumni staying connected to her alma mater.

“As your 2019 TD Fellow, I will apply my knowledge and current skill set to address this issue by creating conduits for lifelong alumni engagement and establishing a lasting affinity for the institution as a whole.”



Jenna Kirker, Lakehead University
Thunder Bay, ON

Life-changing events seem to happen while studying at Lakehead University, and Jenna Kirker is no exception. During an impressive 7-year academic journey at Lakehead University, Jenna successfully completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts in History, a Bachelor of Education, and a Master's Degree in History. She attributes her success to the outstanding educational community at this institution and it follows that she aspires to continue giving back to it. Jenna continues to expand her educational achievements and is currently in progress of completing a PhD in History at McMaster University.

Jenna began her philanthropic journey at Lakehead within External Relations, in the Alumni Phone-a-thon Program. Starting as a part-time student employee she soon became a supervisor, “As I worked to raise money for Lakehead's cases for support as well as the Annual Fund, I realized what an impact I was making on my fellow students. When I spoke with alumni and friends of the University, it was clear that my conversations were part of a larger relationship they had with Lakehead and engagement was critical to that relationship.”

From this original position Meghan Hanbury, Annual Fund and Alumni Engagement Manager remembers “Innately she understood that the personal connections our alumni and friends have with Lakehead University are what are so valuable in philanthropy.”

She continued to volunteer her skills to various alumni initiatives such as being an Alumni Ambassador of the Alumni Association, a Student and Alumni Representative for Lakehead at the Ontario Universities' Fair, and a guest speaker at the Donor Appreciation Luncheon.

Her exceptional accomplishments to date led to the pivotal opportunity of becoming a TD fellow recipient. Through the fellowship program, Jenna will receive remarkable mentoring experiences from her colleagues within the Lakehead advancement team. She is tasked to create a Parents Program at Lakehead University, to grow the Lakehead donor pipeline; increase giving to the Annual Fund and identify Major Gift prospects; Develop and implement a comprehensive plan for Student and Young Alumni Engagement; identify strong prospects from the Annual Giving Program for the William G. Tamblyn Legacy Society leading to an increased number of donors in this program.

Jenna’s dedication and love for Lakehead University, and the Thunder Bay community is evident in every philanthropic aspect she endeavors, as she expresses so eloquently, “The idea of moving beyond transactional fundraising to foster deeper connections between members of an organization, and the organization itself galvanized me to apply this experience to other areas of my current volunteer work. As an individual who wants to make Thunder Bay my permanent home, I strive to give back to the community and utilize my skills.”

Jenna Kirker is set to be a truly inspirational addition to Lakehead as well as exceed expectations for TD Fellowship scholarship recipients.


Susan MacCormack, Saint Mary’s University
Halifax, NS

There’s a sense of excitement on the advancement team at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax.

With a new Vice-President and a new strategic direction that integrates the external-facing team into a powerful department supporting the entire university, the growing team is poised to break some new ground. It feels fitting then, that this year Saint Mary’s welcomes its first-ever TD Insurance Fellow, Susan MacCormack.

Susan began her role at Saint Mary’s as Calling Program and Outreach Coordinator in 2016. Since then, she’s proven herself to be an advancement star of many talents.

“Not only is Susan a natural communicator and relationship-builder, she innately seems to know how to get incredible results,” says Sarah MacDonald, Saint Mary’s Manager of Annual Giving. “In her first year, she oversaw a 100% pledge-fulfillment rate, a 65% increase in online gifts and she helped acquire more than 100 new donors.”

In addition to impressive numbers, Susan brought innovative ideas, all “with an artistic and creative touch” and empathy, says MacDonald. Susan developed a new, engaging recruitment and training program that led to greatly improved staff retention, and created the Alumni Discovery Initiative, an affinity program providing one-on-one connections between alumni, donors and current students and gathering qualitative data.

A graduate of the University of Prince Edward Island (B.A. in English with Psychology minor), Susan credits her time working in the UPEI Athletics Centre for a keen understanding of the importance of engagement at every touch point with all constituents, and believes her extensive volunteerism with children’s programming helped imbue her with a philanthropic mindset.

As a TD Insurance Fellow, Susan will be pivotal to developing a culture of philanthropy at Saint Mary’s. She will also work to enhance the modern donor experience through cohesive, targeted messaging, an elevated digital experience for alumni donors and expanded affinity programs.

A visual artist, illustrator and entrepreneur, Susan MacCormack promises to bring creativity and innovative ideas to Saint Mary’s as her TD Insurance Fellowship in Advancement expands her professional horizons.

Christian Robillard, Carleton University
Ottawa, ON

Some people learn a taste for philanthropy and volunteerism while others seem born to it. Christian Robillard is one of the latter. A graduate of Carleton University’s Master in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership program, Christian has already amassed a sterling philanthropic and volunteer resumé. He will employ the fruits of his talents and experience as a 2018 - 19 TD Insurance Fellow at Carleton University.

During his undergrad and graduate studies at Carleton, Christian served as Co-Chair of the Carleton Community Campaign that raised over $300,00 per year; led the Student Philanthropy Council; founded and was President of Carleton’s Association of Fundraising Professionals Collegiate Chapter; served as Sponsorship and Grants Coordinator for the Carleton University Students’ Association; and sat on the university’s first two Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign committees.

In the wider community, Christian helped raise over a million dollars in total for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, Youth Ottawa, and the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club. He also worked with the consulting firm The Sponsorship Collective to design organizational sponsorship strategies.

Christian’s volunteer work and academic achievements were recognized with the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award, the #OC150 Award (Ottawa-Carleton) and several scholarships, including three for leadership.

As a TD Insurance Fellow, Christian will support the successful completion of Carleton’s $300 million Here for Good Campaign. He will develop and execute philanthropic assessment interviews; develop a sponsorship strategy for the university, including best-practices research and liaison with student groups; develop stewardship strategies; and, on the heels of Carleton’s 75th anniversary, spearhead the Next 75 Years strategy focused on young alumni.

Christian Robillard envisions three key roles for educational advancement, which he is eager to help fulfill:

  • “Advancement can play the great connector role, pairing alumni and partners to achieve great things.”
  • “Presentation without demonstration is only conversation, and an advancement department’s job is to both present what they are doing and demonstrate why it matters.”
  • “Storytelling in engrained in our DNA, but it is still an art to perfect.”

Christian Robillard is clearly poised to be an exemplary TD Insurance Fellow and potential advancement leader.


Anne-Marie Aguilar
University of Alberta

The future of Canadian education depends on increased support from young alumni, and the University of Alberta’s focus on mining for GOLD (grads of the last decade) will benefit immensely from the proven skills and dedication of Anne-Marie Aguilar, 2017-18 TD Fellow in Advancement. Her Fellowship will focus on enhanced stewardship of recent graduates, blending areas of development, alumni relations and strategic communications.

Anne-Marie - known as Annie - has already demonstrated her sensitivity and adeptness as a liaison between donors and scholarship recipients in her work as an Advancement Intern and then a contract Stewardship Coordinator in the University of Alberta’s Office of Advancement.

She has particularly excelled in report design and writing and connecting with students. A stewardship report she designed for a corporation became the “gold standard” for that company. And Annie has enhanced donor communication by providing a deeper sense to donors of who their recipient students are, hence the value and impact of their gifts.

A first-generation Canadian whose family immigrated from the Philippines in 1989, Annie was encouraged to excel in studies by her parents, who aspired to provide university education for Annie and her siblings. Her grandfather insisted that “education is the only thing that can not be taken away.”

Anne-Marie graduated with a B.A. in English (minor in History) from U of Alberta in 2015. During high school and university she volunteered in emergency services, elder care, athletics and student liaison. And she honed her knowledge and skills in advancement as one of only six undergraduates, from over 100 applicants, chosen as an Advancement Student Intern in 2015.

Wrote Kyle Goertzen, U of Albert’s Stewardship Officer, Corporate and Foundation Relations: “Annie has approached her work with a level of enthusiasm, energy and inspiration that I have rarely encountered.”

As a TD Fellow in Advancement, Annie will report to the Senior Director, Campaign Planning, and work closely with the Offices of the Annual Fund, Stewardship, and Communications and Marketing. She will develop a GOLD Engagement Program to enhance stewardship of entry-level donors and build awareness of philanthropy among current students as U of A prepares for its next comprehensive campaign.

Anne-Marie Aguilar stated in her TD Fellowship application letter: “I hope that my Fellowship program will help facilitate positive change and growth within the university and continue to carry out our institution’s vision: uplifting the whole people.”

No doubt, her 2017-18 TD Fellowship in Advancement will amply fulfill that promise.



Sarah Carthy
Trent University

Internationalist. Pro-active self-starter. Talented, trustworthy team member of professional demeanor. Accomplished researcher and polished communicator with strong leadership skills. And something of a techie. These are among the many attributes of Trent University’s 2017-18 TD Fellow in Advancement, Sarah Carthy.

For the past three years Trent has benefitted from Sarah’s confidence and capabilities in part-time alumni roles as a Net Community Specialist in Advancement Services and a Communications Assistant in Alumni Affairs. Sarah delved into the alumni database; was intimately involved in the implementation, design and maintenance of a new website; helped alumni and donors access online resources; and highlighted alumni success stories through multiple media.

Sarah will graduate from Trent in spring 2017 with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a specialization in Economics. She received an entrance scholarship and maintained the academic requirements to have the scholarship renewed every year. in 2015 Sarah received the Edward Tremain Study Abroad Award, which enabled her to study for a year at Nottingham Trent University in the International and Erasmus Exchange Program.

Her extensive volunteerism includes Director of Events for both the Trent Business Students’ Association and the Canadian Association of Business Students. She coordinated Global Entrepreneurship Week and events for the Eastern Canadian Leadership Retreat. Sarah has also volunteered for six years with the Canadian Cancer Society.

Trent has prepared an extensive portfolio of projects for Sarah’s TD Fellowship year, designed to increase the level and longevity of alumni, donor and community engagement; extend the momentum of Trent’s $50 million “Unleash the Potential” campaign; identify and capitalize on a additional channels to connect with alumni and donors; and inspire and support more volunteers.

Sarah will coordinate the launch of a new Student Alumni Association to connect current students to a lifetime experience as future Trent alumni - which includes establishing a graduating-class gift initiative. She will develop and implement a volunteer recognition program and design a toolkit to empower alumni to self-organize in chapters and special interest groups. She will implement a “text to pledge” platform to enhance development and community engagement and research the options for a Trent crowdfunding platform.

Sarah’s application stated her view of advancement’s importance to Canadian education: “The direct and indirect resources that post-secondary institutions can draw upon from their donors and research partners will have an increasingly vital role to play in sustaining the accessibility and effectiveness of Canadian college and universities.”

Kara Reynolds
St. Lawrence College

A “growing passion for philanthropy” motivates Kara Reynolds, recipient of a 2016-17 TD Fellowship in Advancement at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario. Kara describes the origins of her commitment: “At 15 years old I got my first taste of the power of the individual to make positive change when I volunteered in New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina Relief. I haven’t stopped since.”

St. Lawrence College will channel Kara’s passion for philanthropy and volunteerism - and build on her proven skills in marketing, database coordination, fundraising and student awards - to launch a range of projects in SLC’s 50th anniversary year. Her work will support the newly established SLC Alumni Fund and lay the groundwork for the college’s first planned comprehensive campaign.

Kara Reynolds will graduate from SLC in May 2016 with a Diploma in Business Administration - Marketing. A Dean’s List student, she has competed provincially and nationally in marketing case competitions: the Ontario College Marketing Competition (SilverAward), Canadian Marketing Association (Silver), and National BDO Case Competition.

During her internship at the Canadian National Institute for the Blind in Kingston, Kara developed a “compassionate, educational and thoughtful Facebook marketing plan that is now being used as a template for CNIB Dining in the Dark events”, says Peggy Bagnell, Manager of Community Giving at CNIB - Ontario East.

Kara’s work as a Database Coordinator bursary student in the Advancement Office at SLC brought her to the small advancement team’s attention in 2014. She was then hired as a contract Student Awards Officer, overseeing awards selection committees and the online application process (leading to a 30 percent increase in award applications) while liaising with award donors and student recipients.

At SLC Kara has served as a Co-Curricular Advisory Committee member and Convocation volunteer. She also managed the myriad details of the Legacy Project and Crowe Lecture Series fundraising campaign. Off-campus, Kara has volunteered with Enactus to teach financial literacy skills to at-risk youth.

During her TD Fellowship in Advancement, Kara will help create a framework and strategy for a multi-event, year-long anniversary celebration for SLC@50. She will develop the major pieces of an integrated fundraising campaign, craft stewardship strategies and materials, and organize SLC’s first class giving initiative. Event measurement metrics developed by Kara will guide event structure and execution, and she will market the “Reunion in a Box” to encourage alumni to plan reunions around the 50th anniversary.

As part of SLC’s Data Integrity Project, Kara will create segmentation strategies and enhance geographic mapping to identify target audiences for potential SLC@50 roadshows for alumni. She will also work with a local call centre to launch SLC’s first alumni telethon in over a decade. Through the SLC Alumni Fund, she will track and promote the effects of alumni giving on the SLC community, a lead-in to a comprehensive campaign in 2017.

Says Kara: “During my college career, I have devoted myself to taking each opportunity that is provided to me and challenging myself to exceed expectations. As the repeating pattern has shown me, the greater the challenge, the larger the reward. This TD Fellowship in Advancement represents a challenge I will meet, and a reward I will never forget.”


Stacey deMolitor
Mount Saint Vincent University

Already a creative trailblazer, accomplished researcher, talented writer and compassionate volunteer, Stacey de Molitor will now add to her impressive portfolio a 2016-17 TD Fellowship in Advancement at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. During her Fellow-ship, Stacey will undertake data research and collection, infuse the results into an Engagement Index, and help craft a Communications Plan to reach all university constituents.

An exemplary student, Stacey is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Communication pro-gram at the Mount, where she earned a 4.1 grade-point average in her first semester. She holds a B.A. degree from the Mount with double majors in English and Sociology, and double minors in Writing and Communication Technology. Stacey’s impressive scholarships and honours include the BMO Financial Group Endowed Schol-arship and Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship in 2015, Paul McIsaac En-dowed Scholarship in 2014, and Marial Mosher Endowed Scholarship in 2013. She received both the MSVU President’s Award and the Students’ Union Philanthropy Award in 2015. In addition to her studies, Stacey has worked since October 2015 as Interim Advancement Project Officer in the small Advancement Office at the Mount. In this role she has managed Annual Giv-ing campaigns and student calling programs, supported alumnae events and outreach initiatives, and prepared research and proposals for major giving and capital strategies. Stacey has sharp-ened her many skills through demographic research, engagement programs, and communica-tions and marketing writing and strategy development.

Her dedication to volunteerism and social responsibility is remarkable. Stacey has served as Chair of Communications for the Alexa McDonough Institute for Women, Gender and Social Justice; and as a member of the MSVU Senate, Students’ Union, Writing Initiatives Committee and Re-view Committee for the Dean of Arts and Science. In 2014, Stacey founded “Bound for Shamat-tawa”, a book drive that collected 3,000 books for a school library in northern Manitoba. She has provided micro-loans to women in three countries through her own part-time business.

Ramona Lumpkin, President and Vice-Chancellor of Mount Saint Vincent University, praised Stacey’s “philanthropic nature, . . . keen insight and aptitude for understanding, engaging and resonating with the millennial generation.” Stacey’s research, technology and communications skills will be employed during her TD Fellow-ship year to help MSVU to better understand, communicate with and engage stakeholders from all demographics.

Through her research and analysis, in concert with the Advancement team, Stacey will develop an Engagement Index to serve as a foundational guideline for all Advancement strategies - in-cluding events, campaigns, programs and communications. Her role in developing the subse-quent Communications Plan for MSVU Advancement will update its Digital Strategy and touch all areas of fundraising, alumnae relations, communications and stewardship. Stacey’s work will be instrumental in creating more relevant, targeted communications for alumnae, donors and community members.

Stacey de Molitor sums up the attitude and ethic that promise an outstanding future for this 2016-7 TD Fellow in Advancement: “I believe in two things quite strongly: that the best days are the ones in which we are responsi-ble for someone else’s smile, and that I have just as much to contribute to the TD Fellowship in Advancement as I stand to learn from it.”

Jenifer Sibdhannie
University of Waterloo 

During three co-operative education placements and as an annual giving student caller as an undergraduate in the University of Waterloo’s Office of Advancement, Jenifer Sibdhannie has demonstrated passion and talent for advancement and philanthropy. Now, she will find new avenues to engage alumni and potential donors with the University through a 2015-16 TD Fellowship in Advancement.

Jenifer will graduate from Waterloo in spring 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Arts & Business, Honours Psychology, and a Human Resources Management Specialization.

According to Erin Sargeant Greenwood, Waterloo’s Associate Vice-President, Campaign Strategy & Implementation: “Jen stood out among her peers as an exceptional team member. Working with the Central Development Team in a fast-paced and high-volume environment, Jen made immediate and impactful contributions through her creativity, attention to detail, and dedication. Jen is destined for great success in Advancement.”

As a Co-op student, Jenifer played a leadership role in planning and facilitating two large-scale events: the Keystone Family Campaign Picnic and the Treat-A-Gram program. Both events involved volunteer committee management, significant cross-campus collaboration, day-of facilitation, and wrap-up. Jen was also involved with a number of direct mail and e-mail appeals for acquisition and renewal of donors, and business planning including vision and strategy development.

Under the umbrella of the Advancement Strategic Framework (ASF), University of Waterloo’s Office of Advancement is focused on advancing its operations in four key areas: Culture of Philanthropy, Alumni Engagement and Impact, Integration and Collaboration, and Transformative Investments.

Jenifer will work directly with Erin Sargeant Greenwood on ASF priorities. Her participation in the four ASF Teams will provide an extensive introduction to advancement strategic planning.

In addition, Jenifer will work on three key projects that promise a significant impact on revenue generation, both current and future, and will raise awareness of the University's strategic direction and fundraising priorities. Meghan Whitfield, Associate Director, Annual Giving, will act as the main contact and mentor for Jenifer during the one-year Fellowship.

Jenifer will help to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to shift the Annual Giving program from the current renewal cycle to a more sophisticated and strategic renewal program.

She will partner with students, student leadership, and the campus community to create a program that educates current students and recent grads about "life after Waterloo", the impact of philanthropy on campus and the many benefits of remaining engaged with the University as alumni. She will develop a program that recognizes and thanks students for their support of projects on campus. 

“I have a growing passion to work in advancement and help strengthen the relationship between alumni and the University of Waterloo – with the end goal of making the University the best place it can be,” said Jenifer.

Ashley Childs
Dalhousie University

Ashley Childs will soon step into a unique role as a TD Fellow in Advancement at Dalhousie University’s newest entity: the Faculty of Agriculture, created through the recent merger of Nova Scotia Agricultural College with Dalhousie. Ashley will play a key role on the Faculty of Agriculture advancement team as they navigate this crucial time post-merger.

In her recent eight-month term position in External Relations at the Faculty of Agriculture, along with a number of outreach projects, Ashley assisted in the coordination of two major events: the Atlantic Agricultural Hall of Fame, and the Scholarship Banquet, where scholarship recipients enjoy an opportunity to connect with the donor of their award.

“Ashley has a strong foundation in organizational and financial management, with the ability to understand the important influence of strategic direction,” wrote Cathrine Yuill, Major Gifts Development Officer and Campaign Manager. “Her training in professional communications is central to her relevant skill set and ensures that she is adept at taking on most challenges in advancement with ease.”

Ashley’s TD Fellowship will include a significant focus on supporting the planning and implementation of the Faculty’s first Capital Campaign. Her extensive portfolio will embrace all major areas of Advancement.

Among the projects will be prospect research and participation in campaign cabinet meetings. She will join in on select donor meetings and will assist in drafting proposals and gift agreements.

In a drive to re-engage alumni of NSAC, Ashley will have input into the development of annual appeal pieces and will provide leadership to students working on the annual phone campaign. Ashley will have the opportunity to participate in the development of donor relations plans for top donors to the campaign.

Ashley will support alumni events and communications, and will take part in the full range of marketing and communications activities that are required to support a University faculty. She will review procedures for gift processing from a Faculty perspective and take the lead on improving the ratio of reachable alumni.

Ashley will lead the inaugural crowd funding campaign for the Faculty of Agriculture. This campaign will raise awareness and funds for a much needed student led initiative. In recognition of significant gifts, cumulative giving, and long-standing support, she will develop a gift strategy for donors, including the planning of donor recognition events.

Ashley, who served as a Residence Assistant at Dalhousie, states: “I am a devoted alumnus. I’m proud of my achievements, grateful for all that I have learned, and eager and excited for the opportunity to bring this kind of enthusiasm to my home town’s institution.”

“This Fellowship will certainly add to my advancement career, allowing me to explore and learn more about Advancement, while also providing me the opportunity to pursue my passion for higher education. The TD Fellowship will allow me to experience dynamic professional growth and significantly contribute to Faculty of Agriculture’s goals.”


Megan Hughes
University of Guelph

Megan Hughes is a University of Guelph student who has been an academic stand-out, an engaged volunteer, and a leader on the university’s BetterPlanet Project Student Council (BPP-S). The BPP-S is tasked with educating and engaging the campus and larger community with the mission of the BetterPlanet Project, the university’s capital fundraising campaign. Now, Megan Hughes will take on new challenges through a 2014-15 TD Fellowship in Advancement.

Ms. Hughes will graduate in April 2014, with a Bachelor of Arts, International Development specializing in Political Economy and Administrative Change. Her volunteer experience has included the BBP-S, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and Model United Nations. She has been the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships, including the Investors Group Excellence in Volunteerism, Scollard Hall Foundation Scholarship, Peter Cruddas Social Innovation Initiative, and School Academic Award.

“She possesses the skills, motivation and networking ability to be successful, and her interest in pursuing a career in this profession has been demonstrated through the volunteer and fundraising initiatives she has been involved in at the University of Guelph,” said Karen Bertrand, Assistant Vice-President Major Gift Advancement about Megan Hughes.

As a 2014-15 TD Fellow in Advancement, her comprehensive portfolio will encompass areas of Alumni Relations, Development, Student Engagement, Recruitment, and Communications.
Ms. Hughes will have the opportunity to work with the overall Alumni Affairs & Development Department (AA&D) as it prepares and enters the quiet stages of its next capital campaign.
A key responsibility will be engaging students on campus from day one, rather than waiting until they are in their final year to introduce them to Alumni Affairs and Development.
“I see this as being one of the best ways the funding challenges can start to be overturned; by focusing on and establishing long lasting relationships with current students, thus cultivating a new generation of future alumni donors,” said Megan Hughes. “Creating this culture of engagement among students comes from offering value-added activities and involvement opportunities that students recognize.”

Working with AA&D, Ms. Hughes will be responsible for developing and administering the senior class gift project, managing class volunteers, developing social media and peer-to-peer strategy for increasing participation and involvement, and sharing successes and milestones with volunteers and classes.

She will develop a Student Philanthropy Council: a student-driven group that promotes philanthropy initiatives to the larger community and educates students on ways to give back to the University of Guelph. In the area of student recruitment, Ms. Hughes will develop and implement creative opportunities for alumni to assist with the overall recruiting process, act as ambassadors to the University of Guelph, and help deliver key messages to prospective students.

She will review communications from all alumni volunteer groups and provide recommendations for consistent messaging and graphics. She will launch a dynamic and relevant student and young alumni presence on AA&D’s website and through social media.

“During the course of her studies, Megan was able to balance [many] volunteer commitments with achieving high academic results and working part-time,” said Stephanie Butler, Community Engagement Manager for The BetterPlanet Project. “This time-management and multi-tasking are attributes that any advancement department would see as invaluable to a staff members success in the field.”


Pauline Waggott, University
New Brunswick Saint John

An outstanding former student athlete and volunteer leader who holds three post-secondary degrees – including two from her alma mater, University of New Brunswick Saint John – Pauline Waggott is the recipient of a 2014-15 TD Fellowship in Advancement.

Said Ms. Waggott: “During my two degrees at UNB Saint John, B.A. in Sport and Exercise Psychology and B.B.A. in Human Resources, I played varsity basketball, volunteered as a mentor, received the Graduating Student Leader Award, was the assistant coach for women’s varsity basketball, a grad class committee member, and organized athletic programs. I have become the well-rounded individual I am today because of my education and involvement.”

While studying towards a Master’s degree in International Sports Management at Northumbria University in England, Pauline Waggott also volunteered for the 2012 London Summer Olympics. She currently volunteers with at-risk youth in the Saint John community.

During her 2014-15 TD Fellowship in Advancement, Ms. Waggott will work to build the success and outreach of The Bridge Network, a pilot project that focuses on connecting alumni, the university, and the business community to the student experience through experiential learning opportunities.

“Having continually shown her support for UNB Saint John as a student, athlete, and a loyal alumna volunteer, Pauline has excellent verbal communication skills and an ability to communicate the value of the Bridge Network in a compelling fashion to all constituencies,” said Mary Duffley, Alumni Program Manager at UNB Saint John. “She has had significant experience working with students, staff, and faculty at UNB Saint John, and as a life-long resident of the city, knows her community and the organizations that need to be engaged to move this program forward.”

In collaboration with the UNB Associated Alumni and its activities in Saint John, as well as the offices of Marketing and Communications, Student Services, and The Saint John Business Community, Ms. Waggott will undertake a number of ambitious initiatives designed to strengthen and broaden The Bridge Network.

She will conduct research among current and potential students, investigate experiential learning opportunities available at other institutions, and make recommendations for programming based on best practices. Ms. Waggott will also take the lead in building an alumni advisor database for volunteers who are willing to participate in The Bridge Network initiatives, recommending appropriate technologies.

In the areas of Marketing and Communications, she will create an integrated marketing and communication plan, with a strong focus on social media, and will liaise with the local business community.

"An organization grows stronger when a person of Pauline's reliability, perseverance and discipline is hired,” said David Munro, Director of Athletics, UNB Saint John. “These qualities count in all organizations striving for excellence. She is well grounded and has made a significant contribution to UNB Saint John through her involvement as a varsity student-athlete, student-employee and as a volunteer. She is presently the model of what an active and engaged alumnus looks like and what we wish for from all alumni.”

Sarah K. Halliday

Sarah K. Halliday
Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador

Event and project planner extraordinaire, and dedicated volunteer in both her university and the larger community, Sarah Halliday is the recipient of a TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellowship in Advancement for 2013-14.

Sarah will work with Memorial University’s Office of Alumni Affairs and Development and the Division of Marketing and Communications for the one-year duration of her Fellowship, beginning on June 3, 2013. She will assist the office with a variety of projects, including alumni relations outreach, development programs, and social media and marketing campaigns. Her work will focus particularly on young alumni, reunion programming, a targeted capital campaign, and development of a class giving program.

At Memorial, Sarah is completing a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Geography and Business, simultaneously with a Diploma in Regional Planning and Policy Development. Her academic and volunteer experiences have been put to excellent use in planning multi-faceted events, largely organized through social media campaigns.

According to Dr. Penny Blackwood, Memorial’s Director of Alumni Affairs and Development, Sarah Halliday was the perfect candidate for the Fellowship.

“Sarah has been very involved in Memorial activities beyond her academic pursuits with the Faculty of Arts,” said Penny Blackwood. “This year alone, she has organized many events with the Rotaract Club of Memorial University, fundraised for the university’s food bank, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, Polio Plus, various Christmas hampers, the Single Parents Association of Newfoundland, and Rainbow Riders. I offer my sincere congratulations to Sarah Halliday and a warm welcome to our team.”

A two-time recipient of the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award, Sarah is President of the Rotaract Club of Memorial University, a community non-profit club for young professionals aged 18-30 which prides itself on service above self. Rotaract enables members to engage, communicate about, and participate with both the physical and social needs of their society. As President, Sarah Halliday has led the club through a year of significant achievements.

“I am honoured to be the recipient of this Fellowship in advancement,” said Sarah Halliday. “The experience will allow me the opportunity to further my skills and advance my knowledge in the development area. I am particularly excited to apply my education and skills to assist the university in their alumni affairs initiatives.”

Julie Phillips

Julie Phillips
University of Calgary

A skilled communicator and networker, and dedicated contributor to the University of Calgary and the city, Julie Phillips is the recipient of a TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellowship in Advancement for 2013-14.

As a TD Fellow, Julie will undertake projects in collaboration with the Alumni, Marketing, Institutional Analysis, and Development Services Departments. As the University of Calgary prepares for its 50th anniversary in 2016, Julie will reach out to alumni using new and digital media and e-customization; draw on market research and statistical data to inform alumni programming and outreach; and work to connect alumni back to campus through an alumni volunteer management program that provides rewarding engagement experiences.

A November 2011 graduate with a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction in Communications Studies, Julie Phillips also holds an Honours Diploma in Television Broadcast from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).

As a student, Julie was deeply involved in many facets of life on campus. In 2011, she served as a Communications Coordinator for the Haskayne School of Business, earning a Staff Service Award. She wrote for the Gauntlet student newspaper; coordinated a cross-campus campaign against drinking and driving; obtained Personal, Community, and Team Leadership Certificates from the U. of Calgary Leadership program; worked for the campus television station; and contributed to Graduating This Year, an Alumni Relations initiative designed to assist new graduates. She was also a member of many student clubs.

After graduating, Julie Phillips worked as an Outreach Specialist for Calgary 2012, after Calgary was designated the Cultural Capital of Canada. “Julie has a sophisticated understanding of relationships with multiple stakeholders, specifically through working with various levels of government dignitaries and supporters of Calgary 2012,” said Karen Ball, Executive Director of Calgary 2012. “She is a natural community builder with a genuine interest in building strong networks.”

Added Mark Sollis, Associate Vice-President, Alumni at the University of Calgary: “As an outreach specialist, Julie grasps the importance of understanding the needs of the constituent, and she will take an ‘alumni-centric’ approach to programming. This skill is fundamental to becoming a successful alumni professional.”

Eager to begin work as a TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellow, Julie Phillips stated: “I was a passionate and engaged student, and now I am a proud alumna who wants to help build an even more amazing University of Calgary.”

Jill Konduc

Jill (Konduc) Buehler
Okanagan College, Kelowna, British Columbia

A promising career in advancement awaits 3rd-year Okanagan College student Jill Buehler, who has already devoted 10 years to community organizations, four years as a volunteer to Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Okanagan and, in a 2011 summer student position with the Okanagan College Alumni Association, personally doubled ticket sales to the annual Alumni Awards Reception. Jill is the recipient of a prestigious 2012-13 TD Fellowship in Advancement.

“Jill understands the value of the little things the Advancement office does in the larger scheme of Okanagan College, and understands the strategic importance of utilizing one’s social networks,” says Kathy Butler, CFRE, Okanagan’s Director of Advancement and Alumni. “Jill’s suitability for the Fellowship goes beyond the outcomes and outputs of her work. Her personality and character are a good fit for Advancement.”

While working toward a Bachelor of Business Administration—with a double major in management and marketing—Jill Buehler has played major leadership roles in SIFE Okanagan, including Project Manager for the Young Entrepreneurs Competition, Project Manager for the “Dress to Impress” fashion show, and Director of Human Resources. SIFE empowers students to create economic opportunity in their communities by teaching them about economics, entrepreneurship, financial and environmental literacy, and business ethics. A longtime volunteer, she assisted with YMCA-YWCA programs, mission trip fundraisers and along with her SIFE colleges was awarded a National Championship in the Let’s Can Hunger Challenge in 2010 and 2011.

The comprehensive TD Fellowship program developed by Okanagan College will immerse Jill in a wide range of Advancement areas and activities, encompassing Alumni Relations, Communications, Annual Giving, and Events. Working with senior staff in a small Advancement shop, Jill will develop strategies and messaging to engage alumni through social media and the Okanagan College website; coordinate events involving students, donors and alumni; research and coordinate activities for the mentorship program, OC Works; create tailored sponsorship packages; assist with the Annual Students Awards Reception and Alumni Association AGM; and work on the Annual Campaign.

Every TD Fellowship in Advancement activity has been designed with targeted skill development opportunities and learning outcomes, to help prepare Jill Buehler for success in the multi-faceted world of Canadian Advancement and help OC build community engagement.

Matthew Prowse

Matthew Prowse
Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario

A recent Carleton University graduate and “motivated, exceptional young man”, Matthew Prowse has already demonstrated his commitment to enhancing the student experience at his alma mater by donating $1,000 to reward the winner of his own Innovative Idea Essay Competition. Inspired by his experiences as a volunteer peer counselor / events and promotion assistant, and as a paid campus ambassador, Matthew donated his own funds to the writer of the best original essay on how to improve the student experience at Carleton.

“Over his university career, Matt has been highly engaged in the Carleton community and has made a difference in doing so,” says Ryan Flannagan, Carleton’s Director of Student Affairs. “For the past three years, Matt has been in a number of leadership positions during Fall Orientation and has done wonderful work in supporting our incoming students’ transition. Matt has left an entirely unique and very positive legacy for his university.”

Matthew Prowse has provided impassioned testimonials about Carleton in radio ads and Internet videos as part of Carleton’s student recruitment campaign. He served as a Junior Analyst in the Canadian Army Reserves, and as a Research Assistant for Agriculture Canada’s Market and Industry Research Branch – activities that honed his analytical and communication skills.

Carleton University will further develop and employ Matthew’s abilities to enhance the student experience at Carleton by focusing on the student – alumni connection and the three R’s of Advancement: relationships, revenue and reputation. Carleton has developed a marketing plan to promote Matthew’s partnership with CCAE and TD Bank in the TD Fellowships program.

Matthew will design a dynamic relationship management and communications campaign to achieve targeted growth in student awareness of the alumni association; introduce the concept of student philanthropy based on his own example; and launch a Chancellor’s Scholars luncheon program to connect current student leaders and academic stars with alumni who were once actively involved with Carleton to reach fundraising, communications and alumni engagement objectives. His projects will include developing a signature Winterlude event and launching graduates’ post-Carleton years with a fourth-year send-off event.

“A sense of community and rapport building is essential in empowering fundraising and alumni functions,” says Matthew Prowse. “Strong institutional advancement begins with the capacity to build and maintain strong relationships with alumni, both new and old, and be proactive in innovative approaches that engage the community as a whole.”

Murphy Champagne

Murphy Champagne
Cambrian College, Sudbury, Ontario

A student whose institution’s President called him “a great asset to Cambrian College” for his leadership and work ethic has received a 2011 TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellowship in Advancement. Murphy Champagne worked with Cambrian’s Vice President Student Services and Strategic Initiatives as a student intern; he was the student representative on the College’s Board of Governors in 2006-07; and he currently works part-time for the Student Administrative Council.

Said Shawn Poland, Associate Vice President, Advancement at Cambrian: “Murphy’s many positive attributes and his dedication to Cambrian College have been evident throughout his years as a student, a student leader, an employee of the College, and a volunteer. As a result, his skills are often called upon by College departments for their strategic initiatives.”

A 2011 graduate of the Advanced Public Relations program at Cambrian College, Murphy has lent his talents to the Student’s Administrative Council as Office Administrator, Marketing Coordinator, and Director of Student and Academic Affairs. He has received the Student’s Administrative Council Bursary and the Public Relations Student Association Bursary.

Murphy will benefit from having a previous TDIMM Fellow alumnus as a mentor. Brian Soucie, Manager of the Cambrian Foundation, was a Fellow with his alma mater, Laurentian University, in 2005.

As a TDIMM Fellow, Murphy will work with Cambrian’s Marketing team to help launch its newly-integrated marketing plan. He will assist in creating the plan for the new “Alumni Al” campaign, aimed at developing relationships with the student body.

Murphy will bolster the Alumni Association’s and the College’s social media initiatives using Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and other alumni engagement venues. With the Communications Manager, he will develop communications pieces for the Alumni Association and help enhance existing communications vehicles, including the Alumni magazine.

His duties will include work on the new Student Send Off in Ottawa for the Alumni Association and Cambrian’s student recruitment group. He will be involved with the Premier’s Awards nomination and selection process, planning the Distinguished Alumni Awards celebration locally, and will develop an e-publication for retired employees of the College, aimed at maintaining relationships with retired members of the Cambrian family.

Murphy will also collaborate with the Cambrian Foundation to enhance the fundraising activity of the College, developing and integrating a social media strategy. He will assist the Development Manager to establish new fundraising programs, including an Annual Giving Campaign for Alumni and a Planned Giving Campaign; and will research and develop a formal donor recognition program that will form the backbone of all Foundation fundraising activities.

Said Murphy: “The learner of today has developed into an ultra-sensory student; one that requires stimulation on almost all senses to provide understanding of topics. To be regarded as an effective and rewarding educational experience, colleges and universities are required to meet the educational, technological and social needs of their students. While a student at Cambrian College, I developed a sense of loyalty and a desire to maintain my connection with the College, and be involved with the enhancement of Cambrian College in the future.”

Trina Prince

Trina Prince
Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario

Trina Prince stands out from the crowd with her enthusiastic commitment to the advancement of Nipissing University and its students. She has been, and continues to be, one of the top students Nipissing administrators have worked with in terms of service to the university, to Nipissing’s students, and to the North Bay and area community. Her voluntarism knows no bounds, and she has contributed her energy and skills to scores of activities throughout her five years at Nipissing. An excellent student, committed volunteer, and strong student leader, Trina has a genuine understanding of university advancement and a desire to make a difference.

Trina was the acting Vice-President Student Life at Nipissing University Student Union for two consecutive years from 2009 to 2011. She represented Nipissing students by serving on and working with various committees, clubs on campus, and the Board of Governors. She was also a member of Nipissing University Student Ambassadors (NUSA), the student volunteer group committed to promoting school spirit and enriching all aspects of university life.

Trina has organized the Orientation/Frosh Week for two consecutive years. This involves planning and organizing 10 days for 600 first-year students, plus recruiting and supervising 75 orientation/frosh leaders. She also helped to plan several Alumni and Homecoming events. As the original Head Laker Maniac for University Varsity Teams, she organized and attended all sporting events, cheering on the team as well as raising spirit among the crowd. She has volunteered for Earth Week and the Women’s Centre, among many other activities.

As a TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellow, Trina Prince will report to the Executive Director of External Relations and University Advancement, working mainly in Alumni Relations, Student Recruitment, and Development.

She will work closely with the Office of Aboriginal Initiatives (OAI) Manager of Aboriginal Services and Community Outreach to learn the culture of the local Aboriginal community and help build an Aboriginal Alumni Circle; design a series of events to attract Aboriginal alumni; liaise with external agencies and aboriginal groups; and build “alumni pride” among current aboriginal students and alumni.

Trina will work closely with Advancement Alumni staff to assist with the Young Alumni program and help the Chairs and Planning Committees with the design and implementation of a series of university events, such as homecoming.

One of Trina’s main duties will be to help recruit new students. She will work closely with Advancement, the Schulich School of Education, Nipissing University Student Ambassadors (NUSA), and the OAI Manager of Aboriginal Services and Community Outreach to build stronger, more diverse national and international student recruitment programs. She will gain experience in designing and implementing an assessment program for student recruitment strategies.

Nipissing University is embarking on an ambitious capital projects program planned for the period 2011-16, encompassing 5 different projects over a 5-year period to address academic needs. Trina Prince will be part of the fundraising campaign planning and implementation for each of these projects.

Said Trina: “Over my years at Nipissing I have been actively involved in almost any volunteer position that has been presented to me. I love doing things for others, especially if it will be benefiting the students and my peers.“

Maude Beland

Maude N. Béland
Université de Québec à Montréal

Proven media relations skills, a knack for stewardship and adeptness in the world of social media have already brought Maude Béland to the attention of several advancement departments at the Université du Québec à Montréal. As a consultant on media relations and a communications aide during 2008-09, Maude enlisted her many talents and her enthusiasm in support of the UQAM Foundation, Communications Service, Division of Media Relations and Special Events, and the UQAM Gallery. She was instrumental in the success of special activities related to UQAM’s 40th anniversary.

Now, as a 2010-11 TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellow, Maude will play a key role in reinforcing the engagement of students and alumni with UQAM. She will support the UQAM Annual Campaign and UQAM Foundation; connect with “lost” alumni; highlight student and alumni achievements through both traditional and social media; build a sense of belonging among students; and support events such as Convocations, Open House Days and UQAM’s participation in the Montreal in Lights Festival.

A 2009 UQAM graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications - Public Relations, Maude became involved in advancement at UQAM as a media relations aide, press analyst and organizer of special events. Soon her grasp of the central role advancement plays in promoting Canadian education became evident.

Maude has won high praise from the President of UQAM, Director of the Office of UQAM Alumni and the Director of Communications Service for her skill in stewarding students, professors, alumni, and donors to the UQAM Foundation. “Maude has shown herself to be a rare pearl, a very engaged person,” wrote Francine Jacques, Director of the Division of Media Relations and Special Events. “Through her effective work, enthusiasm and her aptitude for delivering the goods, Maude Béland would be an excellent candidate to accompany us in our solicitation efforts among our young audiences.”

In her application to be a TDIMM Fellow, Maude wrote: “I am convinced of the primordial role that colleges and universities play in the advancement of our society. The institutional advancement services . . . are essential tools for the good functioning of Canada’s colleges and universities.”

During her term as a TDIMM Fellow, starting in June 2010, Maude will help craft a communications plan that foresees not only the development of new information tools, but also experimentation with new means of communication used today by students and the younger alumni generations: social media, including Twitter and Facebook.

“Maude is very much at ease in this universe,” wrote Diane Veilleux, Executive Director of the UQAM Foundation, “and our Foundation is at a crossroads in modernizing its practices. The ultimate goal: to reinforce the engagement of our students and alumni with UQAM, so that together, we can support the very development of the University that extends outward in human sciences, arts and sciences.”

Michael Duncan

Michael Duncan
University of British Columbia

Rare is the university graduate who has overseen the equivalent of a big business, with its myriad of logistical, budgetary, human resources and diplomatic challenges. Michael Duncan, who graduated from the University of British Columbia in May 2010 with a General Science degree (Mathematics and Biology specialty), can boast such experience.

As President of the Alma Mater Society at UBC, Michael represented 45,000 students; oversaw the management of a 75-person full time and 700-person part-time staff; managed a 40-person Board; helped set and manage a $27 million budget; and liaised with and lobbied university, provincial and federal government officials. Most notably, he accomplished a successful student referendum that led to the largest monetary donation to UBC in its history. He then negotiated a very positive MOU with the University to construct a new Student Union Building.

As well as being an avid swimmer, swimming instructor and Lifeguard, Michael played a wide range of volunteer roles. He served as Student Governor on the UBC Board of Governors, Student Representative on the University Athletic Committee, and was President of the Science Undergraduate Society. He was a key leader in developing the Abdul Ladha Science Student Centre, which opened under his tenure.

Michael Duncan will put his extensive management and volunteer experience to work for his alma mater as a 2010-11 TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellow. He will assist the Director of Alumni Services with management of the Alumni Centre project in all aspects, including communicating with key stakeholders, drafting documents and project tools, and identifying community partnerships. Michael’s contributions to government relations, alumni programming and facilities, development of a pilot project in the Okanagan, and business services and partnerships will support three core areas of advancement at UBC.

“Michael Duncan has been a committed student leader over the past few years at UBC, and advanced the needs of the institution while serving his constituents with thoughtfulness and poise,” wrote Mark C. Sollis, Director, Alumni Services at UBC. “In roles as student president, UBC Board member and Alumni Association Board member, Mr. Duncan impressed me with his understanding of the critical importance of advancing UBC with external stakeholders and his boundless energy for supporting enterprises in which he believes.”

Wrote Michael Duncan in his application: “Advancement departments have the opportunity to provide a vision for Canadians to value and appreciate the post-secondary education system. For example: take UBC and its over 200,000 alumni. Imagine if they all spoke positively about the university to their friends. We could have millions of Canadians with a better understanding and increased value of the post secondary education system. UBC is only one school. Imagine a whole nation with engaged alumni. I want to ensure that every student who leaves UBC can feel the pride that I do and that they can feel at home when they come back to UBC.”

Erica Lind

Erica Lind
University of Lethbridge

“Taking the ball and running with it” describes how Erica Lind approached the huge task of establishing and managing a pilot project, student-run call centre in fall 2009. It had been years since the University of Lethbridge had a program for alumni fundraising by phone. So Erica – who graduated from U of L in May 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology – was breaking new ground and setting benchmarks.

With no space for a call centre on campus, the facility was set up offsite, using paper call sheets and ordinary telephones. Erica successfully instituted processes, and crafted a training manual including scripts for relationship-building and solicitation. She hired a shift supervisor and several student callers, mentoring and coaching students. She prepared data, statistics and reports to monitor the progress of the campaign.

So successful was the project that Erica was offered a second co-op placement to enhance the call centre. “She has taken true ownership of the program and has shown initiative and intuition in evolving the program,” wrote Kathy MacFarlane, CFRE, Manager of Development Programs at U of L. “Her strengths shine especially in her ability to mentor and lead others.“

Also an accomplished writer, Erica has won a number of awards for her skills, including the Isabel Miller Provincial Writing Award and the Get Writing! National Writing Award. Erica Lind will find ample opportunities to exercise and expand her many talents as a 2010-11 TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellow at the University of Lethbridge. An ambitious and wide-ranging Fellowship program will see Erica working in Development, Advancement Services, Alumni Relations and Communications on projects that include:

  • The fall 2010 alumni direct mail campaign
  • Strategies for electronic communication such as e-mail and social networking
  • Exploring ways to engage young alumni with a new university President, whose term will begin on July 1, 2010
  • Planning and executing call centre campaigns (Fall 2010 and Spring 2011)
  • Writing for various communication media, both internal and external
  • Creating content for the advancement portion of the U of L website
  • Assistance in planning campus events
  • Planning and executing an internal campaign (faculty/staff/alumni/employees)
  • Participation in the planning phase of a multi-million dollar fundraising campaign

Wrote Erica in her TDIMM Fellowship application: “Actively keeping students informed of the issues at hand and the realities of the economic situation will build trust between universities and their students. Maintaining and enhancing connections with alumni is one of the most important ways Advancement can ensure the continued growth and success of universities.”

Alisha Hannam
Nova Scotia Agricultural College

Alisha HannamAlisha Hannam, a 2008 graduate of Mount Saint Vincent University’s Bachelor of Public Relations (Co-operative Education) program, is delighted to be back in her hometown of Truro, applying her skills and experiences as a TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellow at Nova Scotia Agricultural College (NSAC).

While studying, Alisha completed two co-op work terms at NSAC as a marketing communications assistant performing a variety of responsibilities for the College. Alisha’s most memorable experience was her involvement with the Virginia Tech tragedy, where she was the primary contact for NSAC and fielded national and international media requests and interviews from CNN, CTV and People Magazine. She also helped with the planning of a community memorial service for the Canadian victim of the tragedy, which was attended by 400 people and more than a dozen media organizations.

As a Fellow at NSAC, Alisha will experience firsthand, from start-to-finish, the creation and execution of the major pieces of a classic fundraising campaign; practice the communications skills necessary for a successful mail-out campaign, plan and implement a telephone call campaign, conduct prospect research for major gifts and be front line in organizing and managing alumni fundraising events. In addition she will be part of a “truly once in a career” opportunity as NSAC totally changes its governance structure. Alisha will be in the middle of the communications challenges that will affect not only her short-term projects, but potentially the advancement operations for decades to come.

Alisha enjoys skiing and playing the fiddle, which she has been doing for 16 years. In her spare time she entertains crowds at concerts, events and conventions across the Maritimes with her band, Fiddles and Feet.


Meaghan Moore

Meaghan Moore
Brock University

Meaghan Moore graduated this spring with an honours bachelor of arts degree in business communications and is eager to begin her career in advancement as a TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellow.

As a student, Meaghan participated in, and led multiple fundraising initiatives including the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, the Rankin Cancer Run, and Rick Mercer’s Spread the Net Campaign, where Brock raised more than $56,000 in six months – more than other participating Canadian universities and colleges combined. One of the highlights for Meaghan was the “Community Spirit and Civic Pride Campaign,” an advertising initiative which brought together Brock and Niagara leaders to showcase their positive contributions in their shared community.

It is an exciting time in the Office of University Advancement at Brock. With a newly launched $75-million capital campaign, an institution-wide rebranding exercise and the establishment of a focused strategy on alumni engagement, there is plenty of opportunity for Meaghan to experience many facets of a career in advancement. Over the next year, Meaghan will help lead the student campus launch of the new Brock brand, participate in the development of major and class gifts, plan events for the “Bold New Brock” capital campaign, and develop and implement a marketing strategy for a large Alumni Reunion Weekend.

Meaghan is unlikely to have time to “twiddle her thumbs” over the next 12 months while working as a Fellow and will eagerly soak up the many advancement opportunities that will be presented to her at Brock University.

Allison Williams

Allison Williams
Queen’s University

Allison Williams will graduate from Queen’s University this spring with a bachelor of arts in political studies and women’s studies, and an academic Certificate in Sexual and Gender Diversity.

Hailing from the small town of Emo, in Northwestern Ontario, Allison had never even visited Queen’s campus before she arrived on move-in day in 2005. However, she quickly fell in love with the community and threw herself into student life. Some of her larger campus leadership roles have included serving the student government as social issues commissioner, running the campus food bank, and working as a residence don. While on campus she was also involved with Queen’s model parliament and served as leader of the Liberal Party in her final year. She worked at the on-campus Clark Hall Pub as a bartender and server. Allison has been very involved with anti-poverty initiatives and continues to act as a meal exchange mentor for the Queen’s campus.

Allison got her first taste of the advancement profession when she was hired to coordinate the summer of 2007 send-off program, known on campus as Countdown to Queen’s. After the summer, she continued volunteering for the Office of Advancement, and was selected to act as the inaugural Queen’s Student Alumni Association President during her final year. Allison is thrilled to have been selected as a TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellow for 2009-2010. She is especially excited to work on developing and implementing alumni programming for the Bader International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle in the United Kingdom.

Darcy McMeekin
Memorial University of Newfoundland

It took only a few short weeks for the Office of Alumni Affairs and Development at Memorial University of Newfoundland to realize that their new Intern, Darcy McMeekin, has all the hallmarks of a future leader in educational advancement. A self-starter with strong analytical skills, a passion for education and a gift for teamwork, Darcy quickly identified areas of need in Memorial’s alumni services and set out to fill them. In the space of three months he developed affinity partnerships and upgraded a host of online services for alumni.

Darcy’s innovative zeal and service orientation were evident while was a Bachelor of Arts candidate at Nipissing University in Ontario (where he now serves on the Alumni Association Board of Directors). There, he created the ITeach Academic Resource Centre, and was granted the All-Campus Dave Marshall Leadership Award. He has also been nominated for two community service and student leadership awards at Memorial, where he is currently a Master’s of Education candidate and a tireless volunteer.

As a 2006–07 TD Meloche Monnex Fellow at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Darcy McMeekin will develop an ambitious range of projects, including a new Student Alumni Chapter, athletics pride events, young alumni programming, expansion of affinity programs, redesign and management of the university’s alumni and development websites, and publishing an online newsletter.

Fiona A. Munroe
University of New Brunswick

Her talent for working successfully with volunteers and managing the many details of major events have made Fiona Munroe a vital contributor to the University of New Brunswick Associated Alumni office over the past two years. Fiona skillfully juggled many responsibilities for UNB’s Homecoming 2005 while maintaining her four-year standing on the Dean’s List – and her scholarships – in pursuit of a BBA (May 2006). A peer mentor to UNB first-year students, Fiona also plays leadership roles in the larger community, as Treasurer of the Fredericton Society of St. Andrew Pipe Band and a key volunteer with the New Brunswick Highland Games and Scottish Festival.

As the recipient of a TD Meloche Monnex Fellowship, Fiona Munroe will manage two major projects for the UNB Associated Alumni. She will coordinate and unify the multitude of services for the 2006-07 Graduating Class, with the goal of building awareness and greater affiliation to the university among graduating students. Fiona will also manage a series of volunteer training workshops across Canada, to enhance communication with alumni who volunteer and to build their involvement and capacity to serve as ambassadors for their alma mater.

Jylian Russell
Mount Royal College

An internationalist, strategic “big picture” thinker, skilled communicator and diligent researcher, Jylian Russell is also a Dean’s Honour Roll scholar pursuing a Master of Arts in Applied Communication (International and Intercultural Specialization). She has already brought her many talents to bear in the international corporate world, as a communication and community relations coordinator for a Canadian natural resources company. Her voluntary roles – for the Marketing and Research Intelligence Association, Canadian Public Relations Society and Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association - have both showcased and expanded Jylian’s communication skills.

Mount Royal College will benefit from TD Meloche Monnex Fellow Jylian Russell’s capabilities as the institution prepares to celebrate its centennial year while in transition to university status. Jylian will serve as Centennial Plan Coordinator and Chair of the Centennial Communications Subcommittee. She will also guide the integration of Mount Royal’s Student Ambassador Program into a new Student Alumni program. In support of the $100 million Centennial Capital Campaign, Jylian will develop a comprehensive alumni fundraising strategy, focusing on alumni prominence in the annual giving campaign.


Janet N. Chong
University of British Columbia

In June 2005 Janet Chong graduated from two of the University of British Columbia’s largest faculties with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a minor in Commerce. Mastering more than one area is not new to Janet, who has balanced her achievements as a top student – holding five scholarships and a place on the Dean’s Honour List – with extensive volunteer work and community service.

Fluent in Mandarin, Janet gained new insights from a term as an international exchange student to the National University of Singapore. Her interests and voluntary service experiences run the gamut from pottery, football, sailing and choral music to tutoring, social justice and affordable housing. She has been an active participant in many aspects of UBC campus life, and last year designed her own summer volunteer project in alumni programming at the university.

Janet Chong will benefit from a very comprehensive program as a 2005 Meloche Monnex Fellow at the University of British Columbia. She will work concurrently in Public Affairs, Alumni Affairs and Student Recruitment, with three outstanding mentors. Janet will assess UBC’s messaging and serve on the Communications Council; help create, from the ground up, an Alumni Association at UBC’s new campus in Kelowna, while conducting research on young alumni leadership development; and assist with both international and local student recruitment and the Student Send-Off Programs.


Andrew Christie
Carleton University

His background in economics, community and provincial politics, and environmentalism has clearly enriched Andrew Christie’s undergraduate studies, which culminated recently in a Bachelor’s degree in Public Affairs and Policy Management from Carleton University. Andrew was the volunteer co-chair of the Class Act Campaign to raise donations from Carleton’s current graduating class, while serving as a mentor to other students. He was also a youth leader in the Canadian delegation to a sustainable development conference in Denmark.

Serving as Education Assistant to the Town of Oakville, Ontario, and later as a special assistant to the Ontario Minister of Consumer and Business Services, Andrew still maintained a stellar academic record. A member of the Dean’s Honour List, he held several scholarships, including a prestigious Millennium Scholarship.

As a Meloche Monnex Fellow, Andrew will serve as the Coordinator of Carleton’s Alumni Student Awareness Program, where he will put to use his superior research and communication skills and proven volunteer leadership. He will develop linkages between current students and the alumni association, identify and profile prominent alumni for the Alumni Wall of Fame, develop an alumni mentorship program, and create a marketing plan for the Class Act Campaign. Andrew’s work will lead to the establishment of a formal Carleton University Student Alumni Association to further strengthen the ties among current students, alumni and the university.


Rosa Duran
George Brown College

Holder of a Diploma in Business Administration and Marketing from George Brown College in Toronto, Rosa Duran has demonstrated an uncommon commitment to voluntarism and communications. As a teenaged parent, Rosa served on the Board of Jessie’s Centre for Teenagers and as volunteer Event Coordinator for the JC Foundation, also lending her support and her personal story as Campaign Coordinator to the United Way of Greater Toronto. On the George Brown campus, she has been President of the college’s Business Association and a member of the executive of the Marketing Association.

Rosa Duran’s aptitude for the advancement profession has been evident from her first days at George Brown. Working and volunteering in the departments of Cooperative Education, Marketing and Communications, Alumni Affairs and the College Foundation, she developed a marketing and communications program aimed at full-time students, while she also trained and oversaw campus tour guides. At the same time Rosa maintained an excellent academic record, receiving a Millennium Excellence Award.

As a Meloche Monnex Fellow, Rosa will work in both the Alumni Affairs Department and the George Brown College Foundation to prepare for Homecoming 2007, celebrating GBC’s milestone 40th anniversary. Planning and promoting George Brown’s first ever college-wide Homecoming in a small advancement shop will involve Rosa in marketing communications, events planning and management, volunteer recruitment and training, alumni tracking, and fund raising.


Elaine Cadell, President, CCAE, Meloche Monnex Fellows Katy Mahon, St. Francis Xavier University, Scott Courtice, Queen’s University, Caroline Tremblay, Université d’Ottawa, and Chris Daniel, Chairman, Affinity Market Group, Meloche Monnex inc.

Katy Mahon

Katy Mahon graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, in 2000 with an Honours BA in Design. Since then, she has taken the International Internship program and the International Development Workshop at the Coady International Institute, St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Through these programs, Katy has worked with non-government and community-based organizations in Kenya and Egypt to help develop sustainable methods of improving life in disadvantaged communities.

Katy has also been active in her social and community involvement, both on and off campus. Among other activities, she participated in community education and support at the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre, and she has helped the Saint Matthew’s United Church prepare and serve Sunday breakfast to the Halifax homeless.

The Meloche Monnex Fellowship will enable Katy to pursue her interests in both international development and alumni relations, and will help the university’s Alumni Affairs Office to implement the innovative Xtending Hope program. This University-wide initiative will see St. FX alumni assist the people of Botswana and Rwanda in their fight against HIV/AIDS. In this position, Katy will interact with University administration, faculty staff, donors, the business community, university students’ union and the alumni base. She will also assist in the preparation of the University’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

Caroline Tremblay

Caroline Tremblay is a 2002 Bachelor of Arts graduate in French Literature and Communication from the University of Ottawa. During her undergraduate career, Caroline received scholarships every year and was on the Dean’s Honour List four years in a row. She also organized fundraising events for the University’s Communications and French Literature Departments, acted as Assistant Editor of Tabaret Magazine, the Ottawa University alumni magazine and sat on the French Literature Association’s newsletter Editorial Committee.

Caroline has been steadily involved in volunteer activities during her CEGEP and university years. Typically, she chose to devote her energy to helping fellow students develop their writing skills, an area she cherishes and in which her natural talent could make a difference. That commitment saw her take part in many activities organized by the Centre d’écriture de l’Université d’Ottawa, which is devoted to helping students experiencing writing difficulties in French.

The Meloche Monnex Fellowship will enable Caroline, as Assistant to the Director, Alumni Relations, to further hone her keen communications sense through her chief responsibilities in the areas of campus liaison, affinity program services and alumni communications. Specifically, she will work with undergraduate and graduate student Federations to promote the Alumni Association; she will coordinate the promotion and delivery of an official school ring. She will also assist the Director of Alumni Relations with the various requests and initiatives of affinity partners, work with the Student Ambassador program to involve alumni in Orientation Week activities and assist the Program Coordinator in dealing with the various special interest groups on campus to search out opportunities for involvement in their activities.

Scott Courtice

Scott Courtice has completed a BA in History at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Over the past few years, he has been extremely active in campus social, and political life, notably as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Queen’s University Alma Mater Society, where he represents 12,600 undergraduate students to the University and all levels of government. As CEO, he also runs an $8.5 million corporation operating 12 retail services with 500 paid employees and 1,200 volunteers.

In 1999–2000, Scott was the first non-law student to be appointed chief prosecutor within Queen’s system of non-academic discipline. Scott’s tremendous personal commitment to a wide range of student issues led to him assuming a leadership role on campus almost from the time of his arrival. He has been involved with a variety of Advancement activities over the past year, serving as keynote speaker and taking part in panel discussions at various alumni functions.

As holder of the Meloche Monnex Fellowship, Scott will research best practices using alumni in recruitment both across Canada and the U.S. He will take part in high school visits aimed at identifying schools/students to be targeted for recruitment, university fairs and alumni receptions. He will contribute to the design and development of an alumni-recruitment program specific to Queen’s based on the results of the best practices research. He will also be involved in the implementation and monitoring of the programs.

Lori Lynn Ojala

Lori Lynn Ojala graduated from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario this spring with an Honours BA in Geography, having won scholarships every year for her university studies. She has also been extremely active, both on and off campus. In the broader community, she has volunteered in a great deal of time to further school, sports, hospital, church, and Finnish heritage activities. She has coached high school volleyball, basketball, tennis and debating teams.

In addition to her studies, Lori has devoted her time to university-community relations as well as to university government. As a student Senator, she served on the Honorary Degrees/Undergraduate Awards Committee. She has also been founding president of the Laurentian University Finnish Society, the Laurentian University Geography Society and, most recently, the Laurentian University Student Alumni Association, whose goal is to serve as a link between students and graduates.

The Meloche Monnex Fellowship will enable Lori to pursue her interests in both community and alumni relations, and help the university’s Alumni and Development Office to implement two innovative programs. She will assist in the planning and evaluation of Homecoming 2001, an event designed to involve both alumni and students in the future of the university. In addition, she will assist in developing a Mentorship Program that will allow Laurentian alumni to share their personal and professional experiences with current students and offer them valuable advice about their career path.

Kathryn J. Wood

Kathryn J. Wood is a 1999 Bachelor of Arts graduate in Honours English and Philosophy from Brescia College of The University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. During her undergraduate career, she received scholarships every year, organized Orientation Week activities for first-year students, and contributed poetry to student publications. She also began to volunteer at the Fund Development and Alumnae Office, doing editing, administrative work and fund-raising research.

As an alumna, Kathryn continued her volunteer work in the Fund Development and Alumnae Office. She was recruited to the Alumnae Board for Brescia College, and served on the Development Sub-Committee. In order to enhance both her career and her ability to contribute to her alma mater, she enrolled in a certificate program in Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Fanshawe College in London, where she excelled at learning valuable business, technical and communication skills.

The Meloche Monnex Fellowship will enable Kathryn, as Student and Young Alumni Outreach Associate, to further Western’s relationships with this important constituency. Her chief responsibility will be creating a web site for new graduates and graduating students, including design, content, implementation, maintenance, and marketing. In addition, she will work on creating a CD-ROM for graduating students, and develop various other outreach programs for young alumni.

Gordon McLean

Gordon McLean has completed the requirements for a BA in Political Science at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and is currently finishing an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in the same field. This past year, he was in charge of a tutorial group of first-year students and also worked with several staff members as a research assistant.

Over the past few years, he has been extremely active in campus social, sports and political life, notably in the Lakehead University Student Union, where he has sat on the Board of Directors, as well as on several different committees. He has also chaired the Lakehead University Forum and been President of the campus radio station.

Last year, Gordon was nominated as a recent graduate representative to the Alumni Association of Lakehead University Board of Directors, and has since been involved in a number of the Association’s committees, including the Alumni Relations Committee and the Constitutional Review Committee.

As holder of the Meloche Monnex Fellowship, he will be bringing his talent, experience and enthusiasm to the position of Chapter and Branch Development Officer in the Alumni Relations Office. There, he will be able to work on his special interest: image-building among the alumni, the community, and most particularly the students, with particular focus on efforts to increase interaction between students and the Alumni Association.

Lisa Ayre, Carleton University
Donna Campbell, Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, MB
Lamis Subai, Concordia University

Julian Demkiw, University of Saskatchewan
Athena Kreiner, UNB
Julie Marcoux, Laval University