Secteur de l’avancement et milieu universitaire : Un partenariat essentiel - partie 1
June 2021 Written by: Janet Sailian Featuring: Joanne Shoveller, University of Waterloo Seasoned advancement leaders understand the importance of working effectively with faculty members and academic leadership to enhance relationships with alumni, potential and current donors and external communities. The perennial popularity of CCAE’s Development for Deans Workshops – led by McMaster University’s incomparable Lorna… Read More »
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CCAenTête-à-tête : événements

Featuring Moderator: Emily O’Connor, Alumni Relations Officer, Brock University Kelly McManus, Senior Director, Community Relations & Events, University of Waterloo Jody Paulson, Manager, Events, Athabasca University Sue Porter, Senior Associate Director, Ceremonies and Events, Simon Fraser University Within Canadian educational institutions, events are a crucial part of advancing an Institution’s strategic goals and serve as… Read More »

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