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Tailored advancement discipline training, specific to the needs and aspirations of your school.

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CCAE on Campus is a tailored day of advancement discipline training that is specific to the needs and aspirations of your school and is led by recognized and respected advancement professionals. If for other advancement disciplines, leading Canadian experts will be engaged for the CCAE on Campus training.

Consider CCAE on Campus when you:

Want to provide specialized training for academics, volunteers, senior leadership and advancement staff that addresses the needs and aspirations of your school.

Wish to offer a targeted workshop to multiple audiences all on the same day.

Want to ensure volunteers, academic and senior leadership and advancement staff are hearing the same message and learning together about best practices and current trends.

Seek to facilitate staff discussion, dialogue and brainstorming on related topics.

Need to train the greatest number of staff for your training dollar.

Benefits of using CCAE on Campus

The ability to facilitate dialogue with participants across campus (extend learning and application in the real-world context of your school).

Tailored course content to address the unique needs and aspirations of your school.

Training conveniently delivered at your school, saving on travel and hotel costs for CCAE on Campus participants.

Staff spend less time away from the office.

Facilitator and advancement expert Lorna Somers has been recognized with many awards for the quality of her presentations and the engagement of her audiences.


CCAE will initiate dialogue with the school representative and begin to develop a program (in discussion with Ms Somers) that fits your school’s needs.

CCAE will provide all necessary workshop materials (handouts, name tags, place cards, etc.).

CCAE will work closely with the school representative to design the program, and will coordinate and manage the entire process.

School makes necessary arrangements and covers the cost of meeting space; food & beverage; audio visual; and ensures strong participation.


Due to the highly customized nature of the CCAE on Campus program, the fee will be negotiated between the school and CCAE.


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