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jessica faulds

Jessica Faulds

salman jivani

Salman Jivani

Jessica Faulds, Donor Experience Officer, University of Calgary
Salman Jivani, Director of Development, Annual and Leadership Giving, University of Calgary

The often-neglected base of the donor pyramid is extremely important to keep warm. Everyone is a prospect until they’re not and the only way to determine what stage they are at is to engage them and then ask them. The University of Calgary’s Donor Experience Officer (DXO) puts development in the position to do this with high-volume metrics designed to further engagement and ultimately increase support to the institution. The DXO as a position, lives within the Annual and Leadership Giving team and it augments traditional development officer roles providing leads and furthering engagement. This position has evolved over an 8-year period and has gone through several iterations to become what it is today. By the end of this session, you will know enough of the journey that took the portfolio to where it currently is and be able to determine if your shop is in the position for a similar implementation.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to execute white glove personalization for mass communication
  • Discover new ways to approach data segmentation, beyond just looking at a prospect’s graduating faculty.
  • Learn how to “win” on paper with ambitious metrics