Guiding Principles on Supplemental Funding Sources for Advancement

Jun 10, 2024 | Advancement Insights, Annual General Meeting, Best Practises, Education Sessions

June, 2024

David Palmer, Vice-President, Advancement, University of Toronto

Supporting documents:
Guiding Principles on Supplemental Funding Sources for Advancement
University of Toronto AIM Model

With a goal to achieve transformational growth in fundraising results through its Defy Gravity campaign, the University of Toronto recently reinstated the use of fees on expendable gifts and endowment distributions as a supplemental funding source for advancement. After examining best practices in common use among higher education institutions in Canada and the U.S., and looking at related fee structures in the healthcare and cultural sectors, the University of Toronto designed and implemented an approach to gift fees termed the U of T Advancement Investment Model (AIM).

In the course of developing this model, conversations with other Canadian university advancement leaders crystallized a common desire for a national best practice statement, articulating guiding principles and recommended parameters for the development and implementation of gift fee models in higher education.

Join David Palmer, Vice-President, Advancement, at the University of Toronto, who will explore learnings from the U of T Advancement Investment Model, and how those learnings informed the creation of a proposed set of Guiding Principles for Supplemental Funding Sources for Advancement as a draft national best practice statement—prepared specifically for discussion at the CCAE Senior Leaders meeting. The presentation will be followed by an open discussion among senior leaders on funding advancement operations in a challenging economic climate.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore best practices and guiding principles for the use of gift fees and endowment assessments, and how those practices may support transformational growth in fundraising programs
  • Discuss the unique challenges posed by the current economic climate with advancement leaders from across the country



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