Life After Your Degree: Engaging Alumni in Student Future-Readiness Programs

Kay Dass, Student and Young Alumni Program Officer, Alumni Relations, McGill University
Chelsea Bell, Student and Young Alumni Programs Associate, Alumni Relations, McGill University Advancement

In the face of an increasingly “disrupting” job market, millennials are choosing universities that, in addition to a stellar education, provide the resources needed to prepare them for the world beyond the classroom. Spearheaded by McGill’s Alumni Relation unit in University Advancement, in partnership with a variety of campus units, Life After Your Degree, or LifeAYD incorporates both existing and original career exploration, job preparedness and life transition activities and events that are delivered to students by career professionals and alumni, on campus, in key regions and virtually. Learn how students, alumni, and – your engagement metrics! – can reap the benefits of alumni contributions to your student-future-readiness programs.

February 2019


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