How to create a QR code for your LinkedIn profile

Whether you are attending a CCAE event, or networking with your colleagues being able to pass along your contact easily has become a necessity.

Check out the steps below, so you can become savvy in connecting with others via LinkedIn.

#1 Personalise your LinkedIn URL

  • Logon to your LinkedIn account and navigate to the Edit Profile screen
  • Your LinkedIn URL is shown under your image, click on the pen icon to the right of it. You may have to hover your mouse over the link for the pen to appear.
  • On the top right-hand side, there is a box to Your Public Profile URL and in this includes your current URL. Click on Customize your Public Profile URL.
  • In the message box that appears, enter a new URL for example your name. If that has already been taken, then choose an alternative. Note: You can change this URL, but if you do, LinkedIn won’t redirect users to the new one, so choose carefully and make it your permanent URL.
  • Click on Set Custom URL to finish.

#2 Create a QR code using your LinkedIn URL
Next let’s create a QR code for your LinkedIn profile for easy sharing – you can even put this on your business cards.

QR or Quick Response codes are 2 dimensional barcodes that can be used by free apps on smartphones to direct a person to a range of different services such as phone numbers, email addresses and website addresses.
Creating your own code is very easy and FREE. There are a number of websites that provide them, these include:

Simply copy and paste your LinkedIn URL into the URL field and then download or save the image generated.

#3 Using your QR code
There are two places where can use QR codes:

  • Save the QR code in your phone, and at an event let colleagues you want to connect with scan your code using their phone. This easily brings up your profile without having to type in a long url.
  • Add it to your business card.
  • Add it to your CV or resume.


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